Pokeball Monster Ball Beach Ball

Pokeball Monster Ball Beach Ball

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A fun-sized Pokéball measuring about 10″ across, this rubber ball would make usual ball games more fun than ever, especially when you're at the beach for summer! In 5 featured designs: Master Ball, Hyper Ball, Super Ball, Pokéball (Monster Ball) and Luxury Ball (Gorgeous Ball) to choose from!

*Monster Ball and Master Ball design is now sold out. Grab the rest before they're gone too!

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Product Description

Width: 9.8"

- Plastic

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Weight 0.5 kg
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1) Master Ball, 2) Hyper Ball, 3) Super Ball, 4) Monster Ball, 5)Luxury Ball

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What is a Monster Ball? (Pokémon)

- Monster Ball Information by Tsunade

An item most familiar to almost anyone- and even more so to players of the ever popular Pokémon Nintendo game series- the Monster Ball, more familiarly known as Pokéball in the Westernised version is an item that has since become a distinctive icon. The original being a simple red and white ball with a button in the middle, there has been many different variations and 'grades' that can be used with different Pokémon that can be more difficult to catch with just the regular Pokéball.

These Pokéballs are used to capture and store Pokémon, and are thus critical to any Trainer who can carry up to 6 choice Pokémon at any time. As mentioned above, different Pokéball have different strengths that affects a wild Pokémon's catch rate. For example, a legendary Pokémon might have a lower catch rate and as such, require a stronger ball (that also costs more). If a Pokémon is successfully captured, the Pokéball used to store it limits its power and 'tames' it physically, though not all Pokémon might be obedient to their Trainer initially (e.g. Ash's Charizard).

The usage of the Pokéball is fairly simple- after weakening a wild Pokémon, the Pokéball is thrown. Upon hitting the Pokémon, it opens and converts the Pokémon to an energy form resembling some kind of a red light, which is pulled into it. It is a shared sentiment of every trainer to have their heart in their mouths during that few seconds after throwing a Pokéball, as they see it rock forwards and backwards with the strugging Pokémon, and that rush of triumph when it is captured. Unfortunately, even if he or she fails, the Pokéball is deemed as used.

The very first Pokéballs were made from the Apricorn, a native fruit found in Johto. These fruit are related to Berries, though their outer skin are too tough to be eaten by Pokémon and usually blended into juice. To create the Pokéball, the Apricorns are hollowed out and fitted with special devices. The new-age Pokéballs we are familiar with are mass produced.

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