Pokemon – Pikachu Pokeball Necklace

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Unless you have been living in a cave, chances are, you know what a Poke Ball is. Heavily featured in the anime series as the home to the almighty Pikachu, it is the most basic necessity any aspiring trainer should have. Add to your anime collection this Poke Ball necklace to remind yourself to never give up on your dreams of becoming a Pokemon trainer.

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Product Description

- Pokeball necklace

- 1" x 1"

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Item: Poke Ballr
HP: 20
Armor Points: Varies
Savegame ID: Player

From the immortal Pokemon games and anime series, the red and white Poke Ball is easily the most recognizable object in the universe. The term 'Poke Ball' itself is generic in terms of describing the actual ball's effects. There are a varieties of different Poke Balls but the most common one is the vanilla Poke Ball which has a red top and white bottom with a black horizontal line on its' X axis, heavily featured in the anime series as it is the home of Pokemon's mascot, Pikachu. In the games, it is also very common and has a catch rate of IX and it costs 200 Pokemon Dollars to purchase.