Pokemon – Masterball Necklace

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From the popular Pokemon series, the Master Ball is the grandfather of all Poke Balls. Being able to capture at a guaranteed 100% rate, this is the dream item of any aspiring trainers. Add to your precious collection this unique Master Ball necklace that showcases the rarest item in all its' purple glory.

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Product Description

- Masterball necklace

- 1" x 1"

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Item: Poke Ballr
Catch Rate: 100%
Buy: Can't be bought
Sell: Can't be sold

From the extremely popular video games and anime series, Pokemon, the Master Ball is the rarest and best Poke Ball available in any variation of the games. The Master Ball is easily identified with its' two-shade purple top with two Mickey Mouse like inner purple circles and the indicative 'M' at the centre of the top half. It is guaranteed to be able to capture and wild Pokemon with a 100% catch rate, meaning it doesn't fail. Manufactured by Saffron City's Silph Co., the production was halted after Team Rocket hijacked the building and attempted to steal the Master Balls. Previously, only one Master Ball is available on a single play through but after Generation II, there are ways for the players to get more.