Pokemon – Master Ball Storage Ball

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When it comes to catching rare Pokemons, there's no better ball to use than the Master Ball. With a 99.6% catch rate, it is the most sought after item in the Pokemon games. Add to your Pokemon collectibles this fully functional Master Ball. By pressing the middle button, you can open the Master Ball up to use for storing small items. Also available are other Pokeball variants such as the Super Ball, Ultra Ball and the iconic red and white standard Pokeball.

Comes with a random Pokemon figurine in the ball! Collect them all!

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Product Description

- 1x Master Ball

- 2.6" diameter

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Master Ball(Pokemon)

- Master Ball Bio by Tsunade

Name: Master Ball
Type: Poke Ball
Buy Price: Can't be bought
Sell Price: Can't be sold
First Appearance: Pokemon Red and Blue
Catch Rate: 99.6%

The Master Ball is the undisputed king of all the Poke Ball in the Pokemon games. Appearance-wise, it has a two-shade purple top with a letter 'M' and a white bottom. It is the rarest item in any game (only one per playthrough) and it is the best Poke Ball that is guaranteed to capture any of the wild Pokemon. The Master Ball was originally developed by Silph Co. in Saffraon City but only a few were produced after a robbery attempt by Team Rocket.