Pokemon – Kalos League Gym Badges

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Like a knife to a chef, the gym badges in the world of Pokemon, serves as a tool to enhance the Pokemon trainer's ability and also to improve the Pokemon itself. Our featured product is a set of Kalos League's eight unique gym badges crafted beautifully and is a perfect addition to your Pokemon memorabilia.

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Product Description

- Bug badge
- Cliff badge
- Rumble badge
- Plant badge
- Voltage badge
- Fairy badge
- Psychic badge
- Iceberg badge

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Gym Badges(Pokemon)

- Gym Badges Information by Tsunade

Item name: Gym Badges
League: Kalos
District: Kalos
Total number: 8

Considered the mark of true Pokemon masters, the gym badges are essential in one's journey to be the best. Here are eight of Kalos League's gym badges:

The Bug badge is first on the list. It is given by Santalune's Viola after defeating her in battle. It will allow for HM Cut to be used outside battle and will also allow for level 30 and below Pokemon to obey their trainer.

Next is Grant's Cliff badge from Cyllage City. It will allow for level 40 and below Pokemon to obey their trainer and also allow them to use HM Strength.

Third is the Rumble badge from Shalour City's gym leader, Korrina. It will allow users to use HM Surf and make level 50 and below Pokemon to obey their trainer.

Old Ramos is waiting at Coumarine City and defeating him will gain you the Plant badge which will allow level 60 and below Pokemon to obey their trainer as well as to use HM Cut outside battles.

Clemont, the gym leader of Lumiose City, awaits with the Voltage badge for those who can defeat him. Level 70 and below Pokemon will obey their trainer through the Voltage badge.

At Laverre City Gym, leader Valerie will give out the Fairy badge that will let Pokemon of level 80 and below to follow their trainer.

Olympia of Anistar City Gym awaits players who can defeat her. If successful, they will obtain the Psychic badge that makes level 90 and below Pokemon to listen to their master.

Number eight is the Icerberg badge held by Snowbelle City's gym leader, Wulfric. Using the Iceberg badge, all level Pokemon will obey their trainer as well as grant them the use of HM Waterfall outside of battle.