Pokemon – Johto League Gym Badges

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In Pokemon, Gym badges are acquired throughout all the different regions in the world and per League, there is a total of eight and each one of them must be obtained from defeating their respective gym leader. Our featured Pokemon product is the set of eight gym badges of the Johto League that includes the likes of Zephyr and Rising badges that boost the Pokemon's stats in game.

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Product Description

- Zephyr badge
- Hive badge
- Plain badge
- Fog badge
- Storm badge
- Mineral badge
- Glacier badge
- Rising badge

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Gym Badges(Pokemon)

- Gym Badges Information by Tsunade

Item name: Gym Badges
League: Johto
District: Johto
Total number: 8

For every city in Pokemon, there is a particular gym that houses the gym leader with a unique gym badge that is used to boost Pokemon stats or to improve their obedience stat. The following eight badges are from the Johto League:

First of, is the Zephyr badge. It can be obtained by defeating Falkner of Violet City Gym. The Zephyr badge will raise the attack stat of the Pokemon and allow HM Flash and Rock Smash outside of battle. On top of that, level 20 or below pokemon will obey their trainer.

Next up is the Hive badge that allows HM Cut and level 30 Pokemon and below to obey their trainer. It is acquired by defeating Azalea Town's Bugsy.

Third is the Plain badge that raises the speed stat and allows for the use of HM Strength outside battle. To get this, one must defeat Whitney of Goldenrod City Gym.

Morty of Ecruteak is up next with his Fog badge that enables level 50 and below Pokemon to obey their trainer as well as to allow for the use of HM Surf.

Fifth is Chuck of Cianwood City Gym. Beating him will earn you the Storm badge that allows for HM Fly and lets level 60 and below to follow their trainer's orders.

In Olivine City Gym awaits Jasmine. She owns the Mineral badge that enables Pokemon to unquestionably obey their trainer provided they are not above level 70.

The Glacier badge is next and it can be acquired through Pryce of Mahogany Town Gym. It will allow for HM Whirlpool and boost the special stats of the Pokemon.

Lastly is the Rising badge. It is obtained after beating Clair of Blackthorn city. It is the final badge in the Johto League and will enable all Pokemon to obey the trainer.