Pokemon – Indigo League Gym Badges

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In Pokemon, gym badges are part and parcel of all aspiring trainers. Our featured item is the set of gym badges from the Indigo league which is the very first league in the game and in the anime. From Pewter's City's Brock to Cerulian City's Misty, the player has to beat eight different gym owners to collect all eight. Add to your Pokemon collection this beautiful and vibrant set of Indigo league badges.

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Product Description

- Boulder badge
- Cascade badge
- Thunder badge
- Rainbow badge
- Soul badge
- Marsh badge
- Volvano badge
- Earth badge

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Gym Badges(Pokemon)

- Gym Badges Information by Tsunade

Item name: Gym Badges
League: Indigo
District: Kanto
Total number: 8

In Pokemon, gym badges are collected by trainers over different regions and by defeating their respective gym owners. In the Indigo league in Kanto, there are eight badges that can be obtained:
The Boulder badge is obtained by defeating Pewter City gym leader Brock and the badge allows for HM Flash to be used despite not being in battles. It will also raise the attack status of the Pokemon'

The Cascade badge will be given out after defeating Cerulean City gym leader Misty and the Cascade badge will allow the HM cut to be used and will allow for the Pokemon to be obedient to their trainer provided they are level 30 and below

In Vermillion City, defeating gym leader Lieutenant Surge will earn you the Thunder badge which allows for the use of HM Fly outside battles and will increase the speed stat of the player's Pokemon.

The Rainbow badge, which will allow user to use HM Strength outside battles and enables Pokemon level 50 and below to obey their trainer can be obtained after defeating Celadon City gym leader, Erika.

In Fuchsia City gym, there is the gym leader Koga and by defeating him, the player will earn the Soul badge, allowing the user to use HM Surf and raise the defense stat of the player's Pokemon

Travelling to Saffron City gym and defeating gym leader Sabrina will earn you the Marsh badge which is enables the use of HM Rock Smash and will allow for level 70 and below Pokemon to obey their trainer.

Gym leader Blaine is waiting at Cinnabar Island gy where he will give the Volcano badge to whoever can defeat him. Owning the Volcano badge will enable user to use HM Waterfall and will also raise the special stats of the player's Pokemon.

Lastly, in Viridian City gym, lies Giovanni. Beating him will earn the player the Earth badge that will allow the Pokemon to obey the trainer no matter what level are they.