Pokemon – Hoenn League Gym Badges

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Hoenn League is one of Pokemon's training ground for players to boost their Pokemon's stat as well as to forge their bond. This is done by using the Gym badges that uniquely belongs to individual Gym Leaders. Our featured set is rich in detail and crafted from quality material to add to your Pokemon collectibles.

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Product Description

- Stone badge
- Knuckle badge
- Dynamo badge
- Heat badge
- Balance badge
- Feather badge
- Mind badge
- Rain badge

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Gym Badges(Pokemon)

- Gym Badges Information by Tsunade

Item name: Gym Badges
League: Hoenn
District: Hoenn
Total number: 8

In the games and anime version of Pokemon, there are items called Gym Badges. They are given by Gym Leaders from different cities after they are defeated by the Pokemon trainer. They will boost stats and overall make the gameplay better for the players. From the Hoenn League:

First of the eight badges is the Stone badge with it's ability to allow for HM Cut to be used outside battles as well as to raise the attack stat of the Pokemon. It is obtained after beating Rustboro gym leader, Roxanne

Second is the Knuckle badge - allowingg level 30 and below Pokemon to obey their trainer, as well as to allow the use of HM Flash. Available after defeating Dewford's Brawly.

Wattson of Mauville City Gym is next with his Dynamo badge that enables HM Rock Smash and will additionally raise the speed stat of the Pokemon.

Lavaridge Town's Flannery is waiting with her Heat badge that enables HM Strength and for level 50 and below Pokemon to obey their trainer.

Norman from Petalburg City is the fifth with his Balance badge that raises the defense stat of the Pokemon and also allows HM Surf to be used.

The Feather badge allows level 70 Pokemon to obey their trainer as well as to enable HM Fly. It can be obtained after Winona of Fortree City.

In Mosdeep City Gym awaits the twin gym leaders, Tate and Liza and defeating them will earn the player the Mind badge that raises the special stat of the Pokemon and allows the use of HM Dive.

To allow all levels of Pokemon to obey the trainer, one must obtain the Rain badge which can only be gotten by defeating Wallace of Sootopolis City. Another feature of this badge is the use of HM Waterfall.