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Pandora Hearts Merchandise, Cosplay Accessories, Props

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    Pandora Hearts Gold pocket Watch Necklace

    $18.50 $10.99

    This Glen Baskerville Pocket Watch Necklace comes from Pandora Hearts, and is a gift made by Jack Vessalius. A chromed finishing gold plated measuring at approximately 4.5cm in diameter. The pendant is made to replicate the cover of the watch, but is not the actual watch. Get it now while stocks last!

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    Pandora Hearts Pocket Watch Keychain

    $12.90 $5.99

    Get your chromed metal pocket watch, keychain form, from the Pandora Hearts series. A replica version of a flat circular metal pocket watch with an attached key-chain ring measures at 4.4cm in diameter. Pocket keychain includes embossed emblem details on its front. A definite must have for all Pandora Hearts fans!

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About Pandora Hearts Merchandise

Pandora Hearts merchandise are made to look vintage and high class using high quality material to accurately replicate items seen in the anime.