Ouran High School Host Club Merchandise, Cosplay Accessories, Props

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    Honey Senpai’s Rabbit Plush

    $23.90 $16.99

    For fans of Ouran High and Ussa-chan, Honey Senpai's beloved rabbit plush toy is right here for you! Standing at an approximate height of 43cm – 44 cm this special Ouran High Host Club totally adorable pink rabbit plushie is great for you or even as a gift to friends not acquainted with Honey Senpai!

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    Beelzenef Hand Puppet (White)

    $15.90 $9.99

    Beelzenef is the evil-looking cat hand puppet of Nekozawa Umehito, the president of Ouran High School's Black Magic Club. Now you can own this piece of evil-ness in our 1:1 replica of the white version of Beelzenef the puppet!

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    Ouran High School Uniform Neck Tie

    $12.00 $9.99

    This dark gray neck tie with a single purple stripe across it is from the uniform of the esteemed and prestigious Ouran High School. Be a Host from the Ouran High School Host Club with this tie!

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    Ussa-Chan Sleeping Cap / Mascot Cap

    $10.90 $7.99

    Get this soft sleeping cap in the shape of ‘Ussa Chan ‘, the soft pink bunny rabbit owned by Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka. This cap is also a great way to keep the cold out in those cold winter months. One size fits all!

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    Tama-chan Phonestrap

    $9.20 $5.99

    Suou Tamaki’s teddy bear, his lovely ‘Tama-chan’ is a mini pretty phone charm on this Ouran High School Host Club themed phonestrap. Collect all these beautiful mini mascot phone charms today!

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    Honey Senpai Coin Purse

    $9.00 $6.99

    You don't need to be a 'loli-con' to dig this hot pink coin purse. And if Honey Senpai is indeed your favorite host, then you can't say no to this sweet Ouran High Host Club pouch featuring our little host. Measures at 12cm in length and 8.5cm height! Limited time only.

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    Ouran High School Crest Iron-on

    $9.00 $5.99

    Attend and pledge yourself to the prestigious Ouran High School! This full-sized cloth iron-on features the anime version brown school crest as worn by host king Suou Tamaki and his “fellow subjects”. Not only can you iron this to your blazer for cosplaying, you can also iron it to your pencil case or bags for fun!

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    Haruhi Fujioka Pin

    $6.00 $3.99

    This little collector’s pin features the ‘heroine’ of the Ouran High School Host Club, Haruhi Fujioka. Collect this pin with the other characters from the Ouran High Host Club!

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    Ouran bear mascot Pencil case

    $14.98 $8.99

    Get this cute and very adorable brown soft plush-like pencil case from the Ouran High School Host Club. Depicting ‘Tama-chan’, the brown teddy bear owned by Suou Tamaki, president of the Ouran High School Host Club, this is certainly a unique and adorable way to keep your stationery! Measures at 23cm (length), 11.5cm (width) and 7.5cm (height).

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    Tama Chan Bear Sleeping Cap / Mascot Cap

    $9.99 $6.99

    This sleeping cap is designed after ‘Tama-chan’, the brown teddy bear owned by Suou Tamaki, president of the Ouran High School Host Club. This multipurpose cap can not only be worn as a sleeping cap, but also keep you warm during winter, and doubles as a mascot cap during those fun parties, all the while looking adorable and cute at the same time. One size fits all. So grab yours now!

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    Beelzenef Blue Star Phonestrap Charm

    $9.20 $5.99

    It’s “Beeelllzeneefff” as the president of the Black Magic Club would say. This Ouran High School Host Club phonestrap features a mini Beelzenef charm with a soft blue star. While stocks last!

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    Honey Senpai and Mori Senpai Phonestrap (Furry)

    $11.55 $5.99

    Haninozuka Mitsukuni and Morinozuka Takashi share a tender moment on this beautiful phonestrap charm with a a furl of hot pink furball and a tinkling bell. Catch the loli-shota and wild type on this cellphone charm!

About Ouran High School Host Club Merchandise

Ouran High School Host Club merchandise are made to please our fellow Ouran High School Host Club fans! Featuring the Ouran Host Club members Haruhi Fujioka, Mitsukuni Haninozuka, Hikaru Hitachiin, Kaoru Hitachiin, Takashi Morinozuka, Kyouya Ootori and Tamaki Suoh.