One Punch Man – Saitama and Genos Wall Scroll

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An original limited edition One Punch Man wall scroll for fans of the series! Featuring the One Punch Man, Saitama and his cyborg disciple, Genos posing coolly in a battle stance against the dramatic background! This wall scroll stands at a height of 16.5″ when pulled open. With hooks at the top, it can be hung and kept conveniently.

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Product Description

- Wall scroll featuring the popular hero duo - Saitama and Genos

- 11.8" x 16.5"

- Cloth

Additional Information

Weight 0.6 kg

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Genos (One Punch Man)

- Genos Bio by Tsunade

Name: Genos
Alias: Demon Cyborg, Blond Cyborg
Age: 19
Height: 178cm
Weight: Unknown
Ability: Full-body Cyborg Enhancement
Gender: Male

Genos is one of the protagonist from the anime and manga series, One Punch Man. He is known for his cyborg body which give him an extremely high level of strength and speed. Genos is constantly striving to become stronger in order to fight against evil. Even though he has a cyborg body, he was previously a human. During his early years, a crazy cyborg destroyed his town and family which led Dr Stench to modify the-barely-survived Genos and reborn as a cyborg. Now he has a fully mechanical body in the model of a handsome young teenager and often seen sporting a sleeveless top which shows his mechanical limbs.

After Genos saw Saitama defeated the Mosquito Girl in the House of Evolution Arc, he decided to become Saitama's disciple and trained under him. He truly respect Saitama and dislike when people look down at his Master. Despite Genos's serious personality and Saitama's clueless character, the two portrayed a good relationship (even though Saitama gets annoyed at Genos's long explanation). Genos's diligence earns him more recognition than his Master which led him a spot as a S-Class Superhero in the Hero Association almost immediately.

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