One Punch Man – Fubuki Figurine Ball Chain

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Fubuki is the younger sister of Tatsumaki in the One Punch Man series. As an Esper, she has psychokinetic powers and is the number one ranked B-Class superhero. Add to your One Punch Man collection this Fubuki keychain. 1 of 6 Takara Tomy Arts set featuring other One Punch Man characters such as Mumen Rider, Sonic, Saitama and Genos. Collect them all!

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Product Description

- Fubuki ball chain

- 1.6" x 0.8"

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Weight 0.019 kg

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Fubuki(One Punch Man)

- Fubuki Bio by Tsunade

Name: Fubuki
Alias: Blizzard of Hell
Age: 23
Height: 167cm
Ability: Psychokinesis
Gender: Female

Fubuki is a major character in the anime and manga series, One Punch Man. She is the younger sister of S-Class superhero, Tatsumaki and is also an esper known as Blizzard of Hell. Fubuki is part of the B-Class rank and is the leader of The Blizzard Group. Her organization comprises of mostly B-Class heroes and is one of the largest group within the Hero Association. Appearance-wise, Fubuki is a beautiful young woman with curvaceous figure and dark green hair. Her outfit is a dark green dress underneath a white fur coat jacket.

Personality-wise, Fubuki is known for her confidence and ambition. She would do anything to keep her number 1 spot in the B-Class group. Also, she has a massive inferiority complex due to her sister's superior talents. As a result, she refuses to reach A-Class due to her fear of not being number one. Ability-wise, Fubuki is the strongest B-Class hero aside from Saitama who was grossly underrated. She has powerful psychokinesis which allows her to move things with her mind.