Wanted: Buggy Jigsaw Puzzle (108pc)

Wanted: Buggy Jigsaw Puzzle (108pc)

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Piece together this ‘WANTED’ poster of Buggy the Star Clown with some old-school Jigsaw fun! Made up of only 108 pieces, this is a quick challenge for anyone who wants some stress relief from work. Frame up the completed piece and see the threatening face of Buggy looking down at you!

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Measurements Width: 7.2" Length: 10.1" Material - High Quality Cardboard

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Buggy Biography (One Piece)

- Buggy Bio by Tsunade

Name: Buggy
Alias: The Star Clown
Gender: Male
Hair Colour: Blue
Distinct Trait: Red nose resembling a clown's

The captain of the Buggy Pirates, Buggy is an overconfident pirate who in fact often makes costly misjudgements, revealing his incompetence in the process. The clown make-up he wears all the time helps his significant red nose to blend in, as it is a feature of his he is very sensitive about. A fun-loving character who loves treasure, he begins to see a slight importance in other people after meeting with Luffy, though his primary objective is to defeat the latter as revenge.

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