Trafalgar Law Hoodie with Heart Pirates Jolly Roger

Trafalgar Law Hoodie with Heart Pirates Jolly Roger

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Whether cosplaying the formidable Surgeon of Death or simply keeping snug and warm in the cold, this hoodie pullover is a bright, casual piece great for fans of Trafalgar Law! Yellow with black raglan sleeves, this genderless piece has the Heart Pirate's Jolly Roger embroidered on the front in black.

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About the Heart Pirates (One Piece)

- Heart Pirates Bio by Tsunade

Founded by Trafalgar Law in North Blue, the Heart Pirates arrived on the Sabaody Archipelago- the final island in Paradise harbouring a huge mangrove forest the same time as the Straw Hat PIrates. They are a notorious crew, and their reputation heightened by their leader, Law who is not only a former member of the Shichibukai but also one of the Eleven Supernovas.

The first show of the overall strength of the crew was at a slave auction in Sabaody Archipelago, when SIlvers Rayleigh the Dark King used his Haki (spiritual energy) on everyone present, and all the members (except a dizzy Shachi) withstanded it well. They also aided the Kid Pirates in fighting off Pacifista while not taking any notable damage.

The crew seems to have about nine members including captain Law, who is the crew's doctor. All the other members are trained in martial arts. Aside from Law and a new member Bart, the rest wear a boiler-suit seemingly like a uniform. Law has the powers of the Ope Ope no mi which allows him to operate on anything within a spherical 'aura' created- thus giving him the nickname "Surgeon of Death". He also has a strong medical expertise and surgical skills. The rest of the crew seems to have medical expertise, as their submarine has an operating theatre.

The crew shares a good relationship as Law is very open with them and in return, gets their admiration and respect. As such, they obey him willingly and carry out his orders without question. One of the members Bepo (a bear) seem to share a close relationship with Law and carries his nodachi for him.

The Jolly Roger of the Heart Pirates are not that of the usual skull with crossbones, but that of a smiley face. It has 6 protusions sticking out around it regularly.

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