Tony Tony Chopper Backpack Bag (Blue)

Tony Tony Chopper Backpack Bag (Blue)

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What is Tony Chopper without his iconic backpack? In a furry blue fabric, this cute backpack of a handy size closes with a drawstring and velcro flap closure! His trademark medical cross is stitched on in felt. Use it as a cosplay prop, or carry it for weekend outings if you need a touch of kawaii in your outfit!

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Product Description

Width: 14.6"
Height: 13.2"
Depth: 4.4"

- Velour
- Nylon

Additional Information

Weight 1.39 kg

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Tony Tony Chopper's Personality (One Piece)

- Tony Tony Chopper Bio by Tsunade

Being often mistaken as a pet rather than part of the crew, the small sized Tonakai Tony Tony Chopper indeed acts like a child at times, with his naivety. He has a fixation on things like cannons, beams or special powers, getting fascinated like an excited child! Chopper is considered timid as he does not interact much with humans unfamiliar to him, and it could be because of his weaker fighting skills. As such, his preference is always flight over fight, though he grows braver with his friends around him.

Due to his past experience with other humans (when they shot at him, thinking he was the Abominable Snowman), Chopper always feels that humans cannot be trusted. Despite this, he has a good relationship with the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates, proving to be a good friend willing to give all he has to complete a task given to him. However, the crew sometimes takes advantage of his gullible personality, telling him obvious lies for their own amusement (and ours!). Even though he denies it, he loves compliments (and starts doing his famous 'Dirty Old Man' dance), wanting to be praised just like a child who has done well in school.

As the doctor of the crew, Chopper has a belief that there is no disease that is incurable, as he was taught by his former mentor Hiluluk who was also his idol. Being one who aims to cure any disease, Chopper values life very highly and gets upset when anyone takes the life of anyone (or anything) else lightly. One example was his fury when Caesar Clown kidnapped children for his experiments and got them addicted to drugs.

No matter how immature Chopper might be, he is immediately serious and reliable when it comes to his job, putting his patients at first priority. At some points, possibly for comic relief, his panic takes over and he would scream for a 'doctor' during an emergency, before realising the doctor is him. After the timeskip, he has grown an air of confidence regarding his skills and even himself as a 'monster', even though he desired to be human in the past.

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