Straw Hats Crew Jolly Roger Necklace - Bronze

Straw Hats Crew Jolly Roger Necklace – Bronze

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Be part of the notorious Straw Hat Pirates crew by wearing their Jolly Roger around your neck! On a simple silver necklace, this bronze pendant features the iconic straw hat Jolly Roger on a ship’s helm. With its slight weight and weathered-looking bronze, this has a touch of authenticity that makes a great collectible!

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Product Description

Width: 1.5"
Height: 1.5"

- Metal

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The Straw Hat (One Piece)

- Symbolism of the Straw Hat by Tsunade

A motif that has repeated been used in the One Piece series, the Straw Hat can immediately be associated with Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist and his crew, the aptly named Straw Hat Pirates! As such, their Jolly Roger sports the Straw Hat as well. Luffy wears this straw hat everywhere he goes, and it has become so associated with his identity (admittedly a good move, for what is Luffy without it?!) that he is called Straw Hat Luffy.

This Straw Hat has strong sentimental value towards him as it was a present from his idol when he was young, Red Hair Shanks. He then promised his idol, who had inspired him to be a pirate, that he would return it once he becomes a great pirate. This same straw hat was in fact given to Shanks by his former Captain Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King and owner of the much sought-after One Piece.

The said Straw Hat is so precious to Luffy that he puts it in safekeeping with another member of the crew when he worries that it might come into harm. It has grown even more in value as Nami, a member of the crew had mended it by hand after it got spoilt by Buggy during a fight.

Rather than a usual hat used to simply keep out the sun, this hat seems to have almost nine lives as it has lived through the most logically impossible of situations! For example, it has been pierced by Gasparde, shot at by one of the Marines, almost destroyed by Zephyr, cut and stamped on.

It can be said that this Straw Hat is a representation of Luffy's pride in itself, and any attempt to destroy or harm it is a symbolic intention to trample on Luffy's pride. Luffy's attempts to protect it from harm also shows his undying respect towards his idol.