Portgas D Ace Hat (Cosplay)

Portgas D Ace Hat (Cosplay)

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Portgas D Ace from the One Piece series wears a trademark cowboy-inspired hat. This is the exact replica of Ace's hat for your Portgas D. Ace cosplay! Measuring at 14cm high, 34cm wide and 38cm Long (front to back), even if you're not cosplaying as Ace, this is still a great accessory for normal days.

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Portas D. Ace Biography (One Piece)

- Ace Bio by Tsunade

Name: Portas D. Ace
Nickname: Fire Fist Ace
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Birthday: 1st January
Occupation: Pirate Captain, 2nd Division Commander
Crew: Spade Pirates, Whitebeard Pirates
Likes: Dine & Dash with Luffy
Physical Abilities: Great strength
Devil Fruit: Flame-Flame Fruit (Control the element of Fire)
Being the adopted older brother of Luffy, Ace is much the opposite of Luffy’s personality. While Luffy lacks of intelligence, Ace was much more intelligent and more matured than his childish younger brother. One thing I like about Ace was his habit of randomly falling asleep while eating and chatting, which leads to everyone thinking if he had died in the middle of his meal. In the past, Luffy and Ace would always do routines of “Dine and Dash”, where they would dine at a restaurant and dash off without paying the bill.

Let me get emotional again. The brotherly love between Luffy and Ace warms me up every time there was a flashback of them when they were children. Imagine the heartache I felt when Ace risked his life for his younger brother and died. If only I could show the boxes of tissues I had placed beside me while I bawled my eyes out in this scene.

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