Perona Crown (Premium Cosplay Prop)

Perona Crown (Premium Cosplay Prop)

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Fancy playing princess? Perona's crown is nothing short of glamorous, but not in a pageant princess kind of way. Tall, red and adorned with pearls set in silver, her arched crown is fit for a King. A black cross sits in the middle of the crown. This also comes with her trademark flower-shaped hair accessories as an adorable set!

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Perona Biography (One Piece)

- Perona Bio by Tsunade

Name: Perona
Alias: Ghost Princess
Gender: Female
Hair Colour: Light Pink
Eye Colour: Black

Exactly the princess you would expect her to be, Perona is firm with herself and with those around her, expecting them to behave exactly as she wants them to. She speaks with a commanding tone, which makes her behavior rather masculine in contrast with her Gothic Lolita style and pink girlish hair. She can be cruel in battle, but has a soft-hearted side especially when it comes to cute creatures which she adores so much that 'cute' becomes a deciding factor in employment by her. This also shows the rather childish side of her, which sometimes makes her surprisingly naive!