Nico Robin Body Pillow Cover (Dakimakura)

Nico Robin Body Pillow Cover (Dakimakura)

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This dakimakura cover features the tall and slender Nico Robin in her outfit after the timeskip! Appearing in two different poses on either side in high quality print, Robin grins and poses in her cropped zip-up jacket paired with the sarong skirt! Perfect for fans of this calm and charming lady!

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Product Description

Measurements Width: 19.7" Height: 59.1" Material - Satin

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Nico Robin Biography (One Piece)

- Nico Robin Bio by Tsunade

Name: Nico Robin
Alias: Miss All Sunday
Gender: Female
Age: 28~30
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Blue

Nico Robin takes on the role of the archaeologist in the Straw Hat Pirates though she was once an antagonist as the vice president of the Baroque Works, the criminal child of Crocodile (of the former Shichibukai).

Robin has eaten the Hana Hana no Mi (Flower Flower Devil Fruit), which has proven to be one of the most powerful Paramecia type. These Paramecia type fruits give the eaters 'superhuman' ability, allowing them to alter their body and transform. As such, even weak physical fighters have the ability to make up for that with these powers, such as in Robin's case. This Hana Hana no Mi allows her to sprout any part of her body on any surface or living thing (including her own body), alike to a flower sprouting, and thus allows her to take on many attackers at a time. Also, both strength and speed are useless against her, coupled with the enemy's inability to guess exactly where these body parts are going to sprout from. In addition to that, sprouting an eye or an ear allows her to spy on others.

Tall with notably long limbs and athletic, this has contributed to her Hana Hana no Mi skill. With her well-endowed front that she shows off in many different revealing outfits, she is considered attractive by many, especially Sanji. Considered to exude a more 'matured' charm, she is almost always calm and hardly has outbursts, with a morbid liking to anything horror or gory.

As a historian, Robin's dream is to find out the truth that lies behind the Rio Poneglyph, which translates to mean the 'True Text of History'. According to her, this Poneglyph carries the message of all Poneglyphs (mysterious stone blocks inscribed with illegible letters, apparently telling history) along the Grand Line. It apparently contains information on the One Piece world as well as 'Void Century' which has otherwise been banned from research.