Nami Body Pillow Cover (Dakimakura)

Nami Body Pillow Cover (Dakimakura)

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Fans of Nami would love this dakimakura (hugging pillow)! Featuring Nami after the timeskip, she sports long wavy tresses, and pairs her striped bikini top with jeans. One side features her in a cool pose as she crosses her arm; flip it over to see the cute side of a winking Nami!

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Product Description

Measurements Width: 19.7" Height: 59.1" Material - Satin

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Nami's Childhood (One Piece)

- Nami Bio by Tsunade

A very distinct character of the Straw Hat Pirates with her orange hair, Nami suffered a tragic childhood that sparked off her mistrust for pirates, thinking them as cheaters and crooks.

Nami was an orphan until she got adopted by Bell-mère, a female former Marine who found her being carried by another child, Nojiko, whom she also adopted. Despite not having any blood ties, the trio treated each other like their actual family. Nami's love for navigation and drawing maps started when she was just a child, and she aimed to draw a complete map of the world. However, she could not afford to buy navigation books on Bell-mère's small income that came only from her tangerine grove. Even though she was known to be a troublemaker in her youth, Bell-mère cared a lot for her adoptive daughters and gave all she had to the two, eating only tangerines to save money during the time when they had even less money due to a dip in prices of tangerines.

When their income grew increasingly unsteady, Bell-mère had to save even more and thus altered one of Nojiko's dresses to give to Nami. The latter was upset that she always had to have her clothes second-hand, and demanded her own clothes. This led to an argument between the two girls, during which Nami actually claimed she did not treat Nojiko like her actual sister. An enraged Bell-mère slapped the girl who ran off, saying she wished she had been adopted by rich people.

Even at those words, Bell-mère decided that she should give Nami a treat and prepared her favourite meal even though it exceeded her meagre budget. While she was preparing the meal, the notorious fishman pirate Arlong arrived and imposed a fee on every person on Cocoyasi Village- those who did not pay would be killed. Using Bell-mère as an example for what would happen to those who did not pay, he murdered her in cold blood in front of her two daughters.

Orphaned yet again, Nami was forced to work for Arlong as a cartographer when he saw her impressive mapwork. The cunning Arlong then offered a deal to Nami- he would release her and her village if she gave him 100,000,000Beli. A gullible Nami strived hard to win back her village, in the belief that she could pursue her dream once she did so. Aside from working for Arlong, she also stole treasure from Pirates to get more money. This lifestyle bred even more mistrust within her as she led a dishonest life.

After 8 years of working for Arlong, she finally managed to earn the amount he requested; However, the sly Arlong sent corrupted Marines to Nami's home to confiscate the money she had been earning, saying that she was 'habouring illegal money'. Nami was thus left without both the money she had saved for years and the village she had tried to free. Upset and enraged, she decided to betray Arlong and ask Luffy for help.