Black Trafalgar Law Hoodie with Gold Jolly Roger (New World)

Black Trafalgar Law Hoodie with Gold Jolly Roger (New World)

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A more toned-down jacket donned by Trafalgar Law, this black zip-up hoodie is modelled after his outfit in New World and comes with two convenient front pockets. This piece is however stylishly Law, with the furry inner spotted lining of the hood! The Heart Pirates' Jolly Roger is also emblazoned on the back in a matte gold, matching to a small 'LAW' on the left chest of the jacket.

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Trafalgar Law in the Pirate Alliance Saga (One Piece)

- Trafalgar Law Bio by Tsunade

Smoker, a Marine officer arrives on Punk Hazard to search out the Straw Hat Pirates, but is stopped by Trafalgar Law who insists they are not on the island. When part of the Straw Hats accidentally reveal themselves to the former. Law uses his Ope Ope no Mi powers to split the Marine's ship in half and prevent them from escaping. He later slices them up, unfazed by Smoker's threats to report him to the World Government and revoke his status as Shichibukai, and even steals his heart and concluding the battle.

Law takes Smoker's heart and gives it to Caesar. It is then that he finds out Caesar ha given the kidnapped children the NHC10, a drug they have gotten addicted to much to his disgust. He then meets up with Luffy and they agree to form an alliance to defeat the Yonko, starting with Kaido despite protests from the rest of the crew that Law cannot be trusted.

While Law at first decides that the drug-addicted children should be left behind, he is convinced to save them when Luffy uses that as a trump to form an alliance. While Law takes Chopper along to save the children, he gets the rest of the Straw Hats to capture Caesar in his secret plan. While the Straw Hats battle with the G-5 Marines and Caesar's men, Law is attacked by Vergo and ends up locked in a cage with part of the Straw Hats. His heart is shown to be in custody of Caesar, who gives it to Vergo who uses it to torture Law.

Thankfully, Law has a plan in mind and sets off for the SAD Manufacturing room after meting out instructions to the rest. A battle ensues between Smoker and Vergo after Law is defeated by the latter; however he surprised everyone with a comeback and cuts Vergo to multiple pieces. Smoker and Law reunite with the Straw Hats, and it is revealed Law had given Monet's instead of Smoker's heart to Caesar.

Upon knocking Caesar, Baby 5 and Buffalo into the sea, Law begins treating the children with success. Doflamingo discovers the severed heads of Baby 5 and Buffalo, and is threatened by Law to resign from the Shichibukai or risk losing Caesar and the SMILE trade. Law the sails with the Straw Hats and lets them in on his plan to stop Doflamingo's rule over the criminal underworld and stop the production of SAD and artificial Devil Fruits.

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