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    Trafalgar Law Hoodie with Heart Pirates Jolly Roger

    $48.00 $26.99

    Whether cosplaying the formidable Surgeon of Death or simply keeping snug and warm in the cold, this hoodie pullover is a bright, casual piece great for fans of Trafalgar Law! Yellow with black raglan sleeves, this genderless piece has the Heart Pirate's Jolly Roger embroidered on the front in black.

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    Luffy’s Pirate Ship Keychain – Going Merry

    $19.50 $11.99

    Own Monkey D' Lufffy's Going Merry pirate ship on your keychain! The poor tragic ship that died will live forever as a graceful mini pirate ship. A great addition to all One Piece fans' collection!

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    Portgas D Ace Hat (Cosplay)

    $39.00 $29.99

    Portgas D Ace from the One Piece series wears a trademark cowboy-inspired hat. This is the exact replica of Ace's hat for your Portgas D. Ace cosplay! Measuring at 14cm high, 34cm wide and 38cm Long (front to back), even if you're not cosplaying as Ace, this is still a great accessory for normal days.

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    Luffy’s Pirate Ship – Thousand Sunny Keychain

    $19.00 $11.99

    Get this exclusive keychain of the Thousand Sunny ship from the popular One piece series. The second and a double sized ship of the Straw Hat Pirates after losing their first ship, Going Merry, Thousand Sunny is engineered and made by Franky with aid from the crew.

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    Straw Hats Crew Jolly Roger Necklace – Bronze

    $19.90 $10.99

    Be part of the notorious Straw Hat Pirates crew by wearing their Jolly Roger around your neck! On a simple silver necklace, this bronze pendant features the iconic straw hat Jolly Roger on a ship’s helm. With its slight weight and weathered-looking bronze, this has a touch of authenticity that makes a great collectible!

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    One Piece – Trafalgar Law Ope Ope no Mi Devil Fruit Necklace

    $17.00 $9.99

    From the popular One Piece series, the Ope Ope no Mi is considered the ultimate Devil Fruit, allowing the user to complete impossible surgeries as well as to grant immortality to another being. Add to your One Piece collectible this unique necklace of Trafalgar Law's famous Devil Fruit made from durable metal alloy.

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    One Piece – Straw Hats Pirate Jolly Roger Flag

    $30.00 $24.99

    From the world of One Piece, the Straw Hat Pirates are the main protagonist crew in the series this is their Jolly Roger. Show your love for captain Luffy, first mate Zoro, chef Sanji and the rest of the crew, by displaying this Straw Hat Jolly Roger flag. Perfect for decorating your room and/or office.

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    Roronoa Zorro Earrings

    $12.90 $7.99

    Cosplay as Roronoa Zorro and don't leave this exclusive gold earrings behind. Wear it as Zorro does; on the left ear with attached 3 gold dangles swinging around as the ex bounty hunter in you dance with your swords. Approximately measuring at 5cm high, 2cm width.

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    One Piece – Monkey D. Luffy Gomu Gomu no Mi Devil Fruit Necklace

    $17.00 $9.99

    In the One Piece series, fans will instantly know that the Gomu Gomu no Mi is the trademark fruit of the main protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy. With the power of a rubber man, he plans to conquer the seas in the hopes of becoming the next Pirate King. Add to your One Piece collectibles this unique Gomu Gomu no Mi necklace designed in metal alloy.

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    Tony Tony Chopper Backpack Bag (Blue)

    $45.00 $32.99

    What is Tony Chopper without his iconic backpack? In a furry blue fabric, this cute backpack of a handy size closes with a drawstring and velcro flap closure! His trademark medical cross is stitched on in felt. Use it as a cosplay prop, or carry it for weekend outings if you need a touch of kawaii in your outfit!

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    Black Trafalgar Law Hoodie with Gold Jolly Roger (New World)

    $60.00 $38.99

    A more toned-down jacket donned by Trafalgar Law, this black zip-up hoodie is modelled after his outfit in New World and comes with two convenient front pockets. This piece is however stylishly Law, with the furry inner spotted lining of the hood! The Heart Pirates' Jolly Roger is also emblazoned on the back in a matte gold, matching to a small 'LAW' on the left chest of the jacket.

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    Portgas D. Ace Bracelet

    $15.90 $13.99

    Grab your Portgas D. Ace Red Beaded Bracelet from the One Piece series! You remember this iconic beaded red accessory with 2 blue metallic smileys; one frowning and another smiling secured onto the rim his orange hat. Get this fun bracelet version to wear anywhere, anytime!

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    One Piece: Trafalgar Law Hat (New World Version) Cosplay

    $25.00 $12.99

    Who would expect that a 'Surgeon of Death' could pull off such an adorable hat? This iconic hat that resembles a white mushroom with brown spots is definitely a symbol of Trafalgar Law. Furry and stuffed with sponge for that round, cushy shape, what's not to love about this adorable hat with its thick bill?

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    Trafalgar Law Hat

    $15.00 $12.99

    Trafalgar Law's most unique trait is probably that signature hat he wears. In furry off-white color with brown spots around the rim, this Trafalgar Law hat is a replica of what he wears in One Piece! Perfect for cosplaying or even better; as a fashion statement for One Piece fans!

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    Monkey D. Luffy straw hat

    $21.90 $12.99

    Own the infamous straw hat from one piece. As the main character and protagonist in One Piece Monkey D. Luffy or as known as straw hat Luffy. Cosplay as the carefree and happy-go-lucky captain of the straw hat pirates, constantly searching for food for his ever-hungry stomach. Have fun with this addition to your outfit as chief pirate with your carefree and goofy personality but do remember to take care of everyone under your wing.

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    One Piece – Portgas D. Ace Mera Mera No Mi Devil Fruit Keychain

    $17.00 $9.99

    From the ongoing One Piece series, Portgas D. Ace is the dearly beloved adopted brother of Monkey D. Luffy. He acquired his flame-wielding abilities from consuming the Mera Mera No Mi Devil Fruit. Add to your One Piece collection this intricately designed Devil Fruit in the form of an awesome metal keychain.

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    One Piece Monkey D. Luffy WANTED Poster

    $19.90 $15.99

    Grab your WANTED Poster of Monkey D. Luffy from the One Piece series! Measuring at approximately 29cm by 42.5cm, this ” WANTED ” poster showcases the most sought after chief pirate from One Piece. Depicted here with his usual wide smile and grin on his face!

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    One Piece – Mera Mera No Mi Devil Fruit Necklace (Portgas D. Ace)

    $17.00 $9.99

    The Mera Mera no Mi is a Devil Fruit from the popular anime series, One Piece. It was known as the Devil Fruit of Fire Fist Ace, adopted brother of Luffy and one of the key crew member of the Whitebeard Pirates. Add to your One Piece collection this intricately designed Mera Mera no Mi necklace carved from quality metal.

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    One Piece – Luffy Straw Hat Necklace Bronze

    $12.00 $8.99

    Monkey D. Luffy is one of the most popular anime and manga characters and is the main protagonist of the beloved series, One Piece. He is the owner of the Gomu Gomu no Mi Devil Fruit, allowing him to become a rubber man. With his crew, they plan to reach One Piece and help Luffy become the Pirate King. Add to your One Piece collectibles this unique Straw Hat necklace, crafted accurately in durable metal.

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    Portgas D. Ace Necklace

    $13.90 $8.99

    Collect your Portgas D. Ace Red Beaded necklace from the One Piece series! You remember this iconic beaded red accessory with 2 blue metallic smileys; one frowning and another smiling secured onto the rim his orange hat. Approximately measuring

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    One Piece Keychains (Assorted)

    $6.00 $3.99

    Ahoy!! Here comes the characters from One Piece in chibified keychain form! There are 10 characters for you to choose from! The lineup includes Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Franky, Tony Chopper, Sanji, Nami, Nico Robin, Trafalgar Law and Portgas D Ace. Made of acrylic, this One Piece would look great on your bag pack. Collect them all!!

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    Edward Newgate’s Bisento Keychain

    $10.99 $6.99

    Get your keychain of Edward Newgate's main weapon of choice; the Bisento; huge and heavy Japanese pole arm. As huge as its owner with a striped pole with a crescent-like half-spherical curved blade edge, thismini replica is made with the highest quality mock steel with metallic chrome finishing giving out a a glimmering shiny reflection on light. A great gift for fellow fans and a great memorabilia for your One Piece collection!

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    Roronoa Zorro Shuusui 1:1 Scale Sword Replica (Steel)

    $166.00 $79.99

    One that could work both as a cosplay prop or a collectible, this replica of Roronoa Zoro's Shusui is crafted in steel. The weight and easy sliding of the sword out from the sheath gives it a touch of authenticity. Modelled exactly after that in the One Piece series, the sheath features the iconic pattern in purple, and the handguard in the shape of a flower.

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    Monkey D. Luffy Sleeping Eye Mask

    $12.90 $7.99

    Oh this is a laugh! Go to sleep now with your eyes wide open! And not just any eyes too, go to sleep with LUFFY’S eyes wide open! This soft eye mask has Luffy’s eyes, complete with his scar beneath his left eye embroidered on it. A great gift and keepsake for One Piece fans! While stocks last.

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    —– CLEARANCE ITEM —– One Piece Hasamare Phonestrap – Sogeking

    $6.00 $3.99

    The One Piece Hasarame Strap series brought to you by Bandai features your favorite One Piece characters in various imagined 'squeezed' positions. Sogeking here remains collected even when squeezed tightly between books. But who knows how he's panicking beneath that mask!

    Get this limited edition Sogeking phonestrap!

    While stocks last only

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    Tony Tony Chopper Hat – Dark Pink (cosplay)

    $29.00 $13.99

    An amazing and very adorable Tony Tony Chopper Hat from the One Piece series, up for grabs for fans of One Piece! Worn by the doctor of the pirates and a human – reindeer child-size hybrid, with his antlers protruding through the left and right side of his hat. Measuring at 28.5cm length, 26cm width and 15cm height in felt dark pink material with a White “X” symbol on the front side of the hat. One size fits all!

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    One Piece – Monkey D. Luffy’s Jolly Roger Pocket Watch (Bronze)

    $17.00 $8.99

    As seen from One Piece series, the signature Monkey D. Luffy's Jolly Roger now comes in pocket watch form! The Jolly Roger is a depiction of a traditional skull and cross-bone with the skull wearing Luffy's trademark straw hat. This real working watch with bronze detailing is a perfect item to bring during your voyages! A collector's item for true One Piece fans! Comes with a watch pouch.

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    Boa Hancock Earrings

    $20.00 $14.99

    Join the voluptuous Boa Hancock with this gold-colored earrings from One Piece! A hook-up styled dangle earrings as worn by the only female crew of Shichibukai. This pair of golden earrings takes the shape of boa just like Boa’s namesake. Approximately measuring at 3cm high, 2cm width. For Boa Hancock cosplay or for collection!

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    One Piece – Tony Tony Chopper Backpack (Version 2)

    $45.00 $36.99

    Other than Tony Tony Chopper signature hat, his blue iconic backpack stand out in the anime, One Piece as well! Made from villus material, this blue backpack with a drawstring and velcro closure will be able to secure your items safely. A front pouch zipper will enable you to place your items easily! Of course, his trademark medical cross is stitched on the bag using a felt material. Perfect for cosplay prop or even for everyday use!

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    One Piece Straw Hat Pirates Skull Locket Watch Necklace

    $19.50 $15.99

    Don't miss this is your're a true-blue One Piece fan. Well, even if you're not a One Piece fan, you'll be able to appreciate this beautiful locket watch necklace too. This mini locket watch is a scaled down pocket watch, and comes with a silver chain where you can hang the watch on around your neck. Watch is a working set. Tell the time with style!

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    Usopp’s Kabuto Weapon Keychain

    $12.50 $6.99

    Usopp, disguised as Sogeking, the king of the snipers uses this ingenious five-stringed slingshot connected to a long staff and powered by Skypeian Dials. Get this powerful weapon in its replica keychain measuring 4” long in black glossy finish. Collect with other One Piece items!

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    One Piece – Straw Hat Pirates Jolly Roger Hoodie Sweater

    $40.00 $31.99

    Ready to be part of the notorious Straw Hat Pirates crew? Comes a high quality hoodie featuring the signature Straw Hat Pirates Jolly Roger as seen in the One Piece series! As this hoodie is super comfortable, it is very snug and perfect for cold seasons.

    A must have hoodie for fans of the series! Available in Blue, Gray, White, Red and Black.

    **Please check your size on the size chart before purchasing

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