Uchiha Itachi's Akatsuki Ring (cosplay)

Uchiha Itachi’s Akatsuki Ring (cosplay)

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Own Uchiha Itachi's ring which he acquired after joining the Akatsuki organization. For the Itachi cosplayers or fans, this ring with the kanji word meaning 'red' is the ultimate collection for all Naruto enthusiasts!

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Uchiha Itachi Biography (Naruto)

- Uchiha Itachi Bio by Tsunade

Name: Uchiha Itachi
Age: 17
Birthday: 09 June
Zodiac: Gemini
Rank: S-class Missing Nin
From: Leaf
Family: Uchiha Sasuke (little brother)
Side-kick: Kisame
Association: Akatsuki
Famous quote: Foolish brother, if you wish to kill me, hate me, detest me, and survive in an unsightly way. Run, run and cling to life.

Achievements: Graduated from the Ninja academy at age 7 with top grades, mastered the Sharingan at age 8, became a Chuunin at age 10, Anbu leader at age 12, wiped out his entire clan and promoted to S-class missing nin at age 13.

The Deal with him: Top member of secret society Akatsuki, who even Orochimaru admits is stronger than himself, Itachi is shrouded with mystery. He killed his whole family with the reason that it was to measure his strength. He left his little brother alive after screwing up his mind. Although it seemed that Itachi spared his brother so he could become stronger and thus a worthy opponent someday, we believe that somewhere deep in his very disturbed heart, he loves Sasuke in his own very weird fashion.

From someone who killed his whole family, Itachi is surprisingly unconfrontational and unbloodthirsty unlike how one would expect him to be. There were many incidents when he could have easily killed an adversary but instead left them heavily wounded and avoided as many fights as he could. Itachi has issues and it would be delightful when we finally find out why.

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Past Reviews

The famous quote of Itachi is:

Foolish little brother, if you wish to defeat me, then faster your hatred...dispice me...

i just got my ring yester day it is awsome and it fits perfect but it took like a week and a half to get here. but the ring is HOT!!!

i finally got mine, shipping was fast and this ring is amazing but it's a little big but otherwise i love it!!!

great explaining... i will FINALLY pull off my itachi csplay!!

great ring i got my yesterday perfect condition looks great

its tight perfect condition but it takes like 2 weeks

about what you wrote in itachi's bio,maybe it's that he feel's some regret to killing his clan

they got the symbols mixed up itachis ring symbol is suzaku the vermillion bird

i can name all the rings left hand: pein-left thumb, deidara-left index finger, konan-left middle finger, itachi-left ring finger, orochimaru- left little finger, right hand: sasori- right thumb, hidan-right index finger, kakuzu-right middle finger, kisame-right ring finger, and zetsu-right little finger

i bought one and it came to me in about two weeks and was in great condition.

Itachi is my favorite character of all and having his ring would be just simply amazing

omg your good at explaining him! lol keep up the great work!

The ring is made of metal.

are the rings metal or plastic? gotta know

i just wanted to now if there are made of metal or plastic

es muy bkn su pagina les agradeseria mucho si me mandan fotos cuando naruto,sasuke o itachi cuando estan como encogidos

what are the rings made out of and do they come in different sizes?

the rings rock and i've been searching to see if they really sold them for a while. and for those of you the unknown member's name is Boushi and the leade is not Yondaime Hokage. but a Hidan necklace would totally rock!

once you find out who their leader as well as the unknown member is, then you'll be wanting theirs more than probably anyone else's.

are the rings metal or plastic

Wow! I never thoought they would have the rings. That's pretty cool, right there.

Yeah that would be cool, or maybe things like Hidan's scythe or his necklace, or all of their rings of Kisama's, Hidan's, the leader, the unnamed member, Zetsu, Tobi, Kakuzu, Deidara, and maybe even Sasori before he died. Or Orochimaru's too. And I have a question about the ring, does it come in customizable sizes? Because I need to to where it will be able to fit my right ring finger, Just like Itachi...

It would be so cool if you guys could get other Akatsuki rings like Deidara's,Kisame's,Zetsu's,or Tobi's.

Yes, we ship to Brazil. The items should take less than 3 weeks to arrive.

I'm from Brazil and I wanna know if you can sell the Ring to me and how long does it takes to come o.o =D

It takes up to 3 weeks to arrive.

i live in rome and I whant to know How long it would take to get to me.

The rings are about 1.8cm - 1.9cm in diameter. As these are for cosplay, they are pretty much free size.

The rings may take 8 days to 3 weeks to arrive once shipped.

Yes I wanted to know how big the ring is.The size of the ring and if I lived in the USA.LA the state.How long it would take to get to me.