Sasori Headband (Sand Missing Nin / Akatsuki)

Sasori Headband (Sand Missing Nin / Akatsuki)

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The Sand Village's symbol is emblazoned across the metal protector (real metal) with a slash across it on this Naruto headband. It looks authentically just like in the anime and is perfect for cosplaying as a Sand Missing nin or Akatsuki member! You can cosplay as Sasori of the Red Sand or create your own character! The dark navy blue sash is 1 metre (39″) long and adjustable on any head size.

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Past Reviews

hey yo genjutsu that is a very stupid question and the answer is it looks sweet and the regular village ninjas dont hav the gash and they only hav it becaus there not village ninjas.DUH!!!!!!!!11

The Missing Nins leave their village without permission and make a gash through the symbol to represent the fact that they no longer pledge allegiance to that village.

what is the whole point of the gash through the head template