Orochimaru Earrings (cosplay)

Orochimaru Earrings (cosplay)

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Orochimaru, one of the Legendary Sannin, and the main antagonist of Naruto wears a pair of silver curvy earrings. Collect this pair of Orochimaru earrings! Suitable not only for cosplaying as Orochimaru but also as a fashion accessory! The earrings are approximately 2.2″ in length.

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Past Reviews

That is the most hilarious item description I've ever read.

Orochimaru is gay. He said he wanted Sasuke's body. :P

he aint GAY !!!!! HE IS NOT GAY !

cool i love his earrings! if was real i steal em from him. ps. duh he gay , kobuto is the proof !

lol lol lol
i thought i was the only who thought he waz gay because if he spends the much time with kobuto there is no way he isnt gay but still gay or not he is still sexy as hell