Naruto Kunai

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This black plastic Naruto kunai is 4.5″ long and emblazoned with the Konoha symbol at the side. The multi-purpose kunai can also be used as a letter opener when you are not flinging it at ninjas. Collect it with the shurikens!

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Product Description

For a more serious cosplay, get the 1:1 Kunai made of resin. This looks really like the real life version. For Yondaime's kunai, click here.

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Past Reviews

Naruto kunai.. He-he-he :)

Shop keeper maybe you could get hakus mask or maybe shinobi shoes that would be sooooooooo cool

Well the look is pretty accurate and it is quite sturdy
also cheap
I think it's a bit too small for a cosplay though
I use it as a letter opener and for decor

ty for the info cause i bought one of these like 2 days ago and looked at the price and though that it would be hollow lol but i guess not

The whole thing is plastic.

are these things hollow? or are the fully plastic

Hi Kitty, the full-sized kunai can be found here: and the full sized shuriken here:

Sorry we don't carry Temari's fan at the moment. Thanks!

Dear Store Keeper,

I've been trying to find full sized metal kunai for my cosplay as Hinata. I have also been looking for Temari's fan for my friend. Do you have any ideas to where I could get them?

Hi James, when you pay thought your credit cards or via Paypal the bank will automatically exchange the amount to USD so you need not worry. You can also pay via eCheck option from paypal. Thanks!

Hi Naruto fan, we sell the full sized metal shuriken here: thanks!

Dear Store Keeper, do u happen to know a place or shop where they can make real shuriken of kunai out of metal?

dear austin, it usually takes up to 3 working weeks to reach US. Thanks.

how long does it take for the kunai to ship

Hi Bryce, the shipping fee is the same worldwide. Thanks!

how much is the shipping fee to canada

when do you re-stock

Hi Javi4671, I'm glad it reached u fast. Where do u stay? Thanks for letting us know!

hey storekeeper it only took 2 weeks to ship not 3.

Hi Jacob we will be adding more Naruto weapon items soon so stay tuned :)

y are ther no real kunai me and my frind were trying to find a couple of real kunai so wee can see whos better whith a kunai

wow, this store is great! it's got practically everything!

hi your store is great, l just order the leaf headband and 2 knives and 10 ninja stars. This store is great

this store is so great

will you ever get a kunai holder(holster)

Hi Stellar, thank you for your kind words. The shipping length is approximately the same for both USA and Canada as we are flying the products from Singapore. So it should take no more than 3 weeks as well.


Hi! I think it's awesome that you respond to the reviews! (No other site I know does that!) ^-^ I ordered something and... it dosn't mention how long it takes to ship from Canada... so how long do you think it will take for me to get my order in Ontario??

Hi Zach, pls refer to this page for shipping charges:

The items are shipped from Singapore. And the kunai are made of hard plastic. But if u throw it too hard it may just break so don't do that :)


how much is shipping off here?
5:00 and where does it come from,
and are the knifes hard plastic or cheap plastic so it breaks?

sorry irsool, we sell online only, worldwide.

IS there a store where i can phisically go and buy some of this stuff?

Hi DREW, sorry, we only sell online worldwide. Thanks!

is there a store which i can buy any of these items near Niagara, canada?

i cant belive this place its so great i love the prices iam going to get ever thing off here!

Hi everyone! Good news! The Naruto weapons are finally restocked :D But the stocks are limited so do grab them!

The kunai are made of hard plastic

Are the kunai real metel

Hi, we have difficulty emailing to your email add: We received your first mail and immediately replied, saying that the items had been mailed more than 12 hours before we received your request so we couldn't change the mailing order. Sorry about that. Hope the items reach you soon!

ps: we tried sending 3 emails all of which bounced back, so we're posting the reply here.

my father order a double edged kunai and a naruto fan shuriken v.2 for me but we want to know if you can ship it faster so it can be here before halloween please email me at as soon as you get this

The kunai is currently out of stock and may not come in anytime soon. You may want to try our other Naruto weapons like the double edged kunai or the shurikens. All our stocks are limited

how long will it take to restock

hi there, it usually takes no more than 3 weeks to ship.

how long does it take to ship adouble kunai and 2 normal kunai????

I just received my kunai. I bought 5. They're great. I will be cosplaying as Kakashi next month and these are perfect.