Naruto Kunai (1:1 scale)

Naruto Kunai (1:1 scale)

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This 1:1 scale ninja black kunai comes right out of the Naruto series. The life-sized kunai measures 10.5″ long with a white cloth wrapped around the handle just like in the anime. Twirl it with your fingers! Excellent for cosplaying.

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Past Reviews

everyone, they now have pouches for these!!!!!!!!!!! :D amazing!!!!!!!!! I recommend them!!!!!


i got my kunai toady and i love it. it did not take that long for it to come. thank u animeshop.

i love this kunai!!!!!!!!!!! so cooooool thank u Animeshop

I dont think ther going to run out this it the best damned thowing knife or any cosplay replica item from a japanese anime such as Naruto...... and the Na....Ruto is pronounced like the word room without the m...then Toe..... NOT Naruuuuto like a like kanga ROO its the pronounciation...If you dont say it right Zabuza WILL cut your tounge out and like his balls with it!

hell: That's the one Naruto is holding in the page below.

hi could you send me an image of this in someone's hand also done withe a shuriken?? thankz

i have one exactley like this the tip breaks of if you stab it to much but its still lethal IT CAN CUT with the proper amount of force wich isnt much me and my friend have these and they are great!!!

bizzare: This kunai is pretty sharp and pointed so you could injure someone by throwing it at them. But I don't think you could stick it into a tree.

i dont care if its plastic or not i just wana know is it hard enough to stick to a tree? not rock or walls just trees

if you run out of these in storage, when would you get more?

Hi!, I dont know what buy, the metal shiruken or this "plastic" Kunai?

I like Like more Kunais But (this I dont know how to said in Inglis :) Sry)

But... si le pego a una piedra o a un arbol , la punta no se doblara?

plz answerme :P Thanks!

It depends on the strength and the angle which you throw at someone.

yeah this question is kind of stupid but how sharp is it? like if you were to throw it at someone will it stick in them like a real kunai?

AJ: Yes, you can.

this seems soo cool but can you really twirl it with your fingers??


I beg to differ. I'm not sure if yours is the same on because the tip is pretty sharp even though it is plastic. So buyers need to be careful with it.

I have one of these. It's not too bad.
It's NOT sharp, it's PLASTIC. The point isn't even sharp. And that's why it's a good thing. You won't hurt yourself or someone else.
If you're looking for a metal one,'re outta luck here. There are some out there, though. And they're not too expensive, either. :)

hi there, how ya doin? superb. anywho... why arent there any REAL "METAL" kunai? If there was you would definitly have buyers.

Man i want to buy this Kunai and the Sound/Sand headband so cool O_O and for only $10

is it sharp can it cup things

hi mitsuki, it is a real like sized kunai, not a mini one, so it comes in only 1 per purchase :)

can you use it like a real kunai? (ie: throw it at a tree and it sticks in for things like target practise? *Yes I am aware that that only aplies if you have proper aim!*)

uh how many is in a pack???? does it come in packs?

hi kakashi, to answer your question, yes the kunai is really hard. I wouldnt promise about hitting it on a rock though. Most hard things would break if u hit it on a rock hard enough. Your kitchen knife would probably break on a rock as well if u hit it from the sharp part O_O

is it hard ?? if u hit it on a rock from the sharp part will it break???

really good and authentic looking still sharp be careful =D

that is a must have for all naruto fans to own