Naruto Headband (Mist)

Naruto Headband (Mist)

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This Naruto Headband has the Mist symbol emblazoned across the metal protector (real metal). It looks authentically just like in the anime and is perfect for cosplaying. The sash is approximately 1 metre long and adjustable on any head size. Wear this Naruto headband for cosplay or for fun. Suitable for every Naruto Fan.

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that's where Zabuza's from! i think Zabuza is awesome! not in the fangirl way, cause i'll admit. he is pretty freaky lookin. but he's still awesome when it comes to talent! of course, he was beaten by all of Gato's menions, but only because there were so many of them and Kakashi had just previously laid the beatdown on him. KAKASHI ROX! he's the overall greatest! ^_^

hey mist is the best not cloud,mist kicks butt

i would like to have the the hidden leaf village headband pllleeease i just looooooove Naruto<3.

when will the cloud village head bands be out

i love naruto and i want headband plez!!!

Hi Naruto Addic, sorry we're not carrying the Cloud headband at the moment

Kool!!! But will you ever have a Cloud Village headband? Cloud Village is the best!!*does the Nice Guy pose*