Naruto Headband (Konoha)

Naruto Headband (Konoha)

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This Naruto Headband has the Konoha symbol emblazoned across the metal protector (real metal). It looks authentically just like in the anime and is perfect for cosplaying. The sash is 1 metre (39″) long and adjustable on any head size. Wear this Naruto headband for cosplay or for fun. Suitable for every Naruto Fan.

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Product Description

The metal plate is 4 x 1.5 inches.

Additional Information

Weight 0.035 kg

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What is Naruto Headband

- written by Tsunade All shinobi in the Naruto world wear a headband as a certification of being a full fledged ninja. The headband is actually a metal protector bearing the insigma of the hidden village which they come from upon passing a Genin exam. The Shinobi headbands or metal protectors are seen being worn on various parts of the body like an accessory. Examples can be seen on Rock Lee and Hatake Kakashi. Lee uses his Konoha headband as his waist belt and Kakashi uses his headband as an eyepatch to hide his sharingan. Other uses are as a hairband like how Haruno Sakura uses it or an armband like how Yamanaka Ino uses it. Get a Naruto headband for yourself.

Past Reviews

I bought one for my birthday on April 5th and I LOVE IT >:D
I wear it nearly everyday and have it under my pillow every night :D

To Chazo Uzamaki: Yes we do!

hey do you deliever to Ireland ?

I just received my headband today, and I'd just like to say it's great, just what I expected. It took maybe 2 1/2 weeks or so to get to Canada for those who want to know. :)

A girl in my class thinks I am like, REALLY WEIRD, and if I got this she'd be like "Oh, my god. WTH are you wearing?!" And then I'd Ninja-kick her across a desk. :] I am such a dork!

in response to naruto:
The scratch across the headband means that the ninja has severed all ties with their village of origin and are now considered rogue ninjas. You can see that that is the case with Itachi and Zabuza.

wat does the scratch across the ninja headband mean like wat zabuza or itachi wear on their headband.idg it

please respond

im samguede im 12years old and i fighting i also want to say is that i wish i was in ninga school. ps i am a boy and i think you are the most coolest teenager in the world.

My friends and I have been looking all over for things that we could add to our Naruto cosplay costumes...
And so far.
This is probably the site we choose for headbands.
These are pretty good..and seeing that they can bend I think these would be our choice. ^^
[Maybe we'll buy it. If we can get the money..-.-]

I'm gonna buy one of these! I hope they don't sold out before I buy it...

I really want one of these. I have a couple questions though.
1. Will this stay on your forehead?
2. How big is the plate (in inches) (LxW)

Thank you!

KatieKAT: It should be possible if you can put the strap through the hooks on your pants.

Could you wear this like a belt or would it fall down?

Mist Headband :

Sand Headband:

Sound Headband:

I was wondering if you had any other villages. I would perfer sand or mist since I already have a Leaf village headband.

Ya i really wanna order this but both my parents dont feel comfortable with paypal who reliable is it and i was wondering it i could see how long the headband is and what it looks like with someone wearing it in Real life if it isn't a problem could you send me a picture, and is the metal really suposed to bend? i didn't think it would

waiting for an answer

Chris: Yes you can bend it. Use a wet cloth to clean it.

Just got my forehead protector ^^. But it's a bit straight so can you bend it more to the shape of your head without breaking it? And what can you use best to clean the metal?

This is a way to be a ninja

Ninjakith: Worldwide

hey, i am thinking about ordering this headband and i want to ask how long will it take to reach Greece and if the $5.00 shipping cost is worldwide or just for the US. thnx.

Nolfavrell: Definately.. Watch this space for updates.

Hi, could you tell me if you'll be getting anymore headbands in please?

who ever likes naruto would like this stuff

I have found with my naruto headband which my friend got somewhere else, that some dont actually stay on your forehead unless they have that curved indent shape that some on this website have.

Uh hello everybodys.


i wish i had one but i don't know how to get there

you should get the metal plated gloves
don't make me buy them somewhere else!
its esential to any and every ninja to have those gloves and where do you get ur stuff from japan?

I really reccomend these.
Cheaper than Hottopic, and I still have mine I bought a while back. I don't wear it as a headband often, but I do waer it as a belt every now and then.

The 3 weeks is the a rough guide. Sometimes it takes shorter like 2 weeks. We only send via air mail.

would the general shipping time be the same 3 weeks for indiana or do you send it by plane? i'll use it to be the best hokage!believe it!

first of all what is cosplay and i will probly be ordering a headband if there not out of stock

Hi Zabuza, the shipping should be beteen 2 to 3 week.Thanks!

Hey, I was thinking about buying one of these, and I'm just wondering how long time it takes for the delivery to reach Sweden?

hi steven, the sound headband will be added to within this week so watch out for it!!

i love this head band but i would love to have a sound tribe head bend if you get one BAM e-mail me i will buy it ASAP!

Hi Winder, yes we do ship to England. And yes, the shipping fees are the same worldwide.


Do you ship to England if so is it still $5.00

Hi Desertpunk, we're located in Singapore.


hey i was just wondring were do u guys are at japan,usa,canada ect........???

i cant wait to get mine

Hi KatDahl, the shipping to Canada takes around the same time as to USA, which is approximately 3 weeks. Thanks!

Hey...umm i was kinda wondering how long the headband would take to reach Canada (alberta)

Hi matt102, the delivery usually takes around 3 weeks to reach USA. Thanks!

how long does it take to be dilivered

Hi KatDahl, don't worry. The metal is hard and the sash is well seamed so it doesnt fray easily :)

hey , i was really thinking about ordering this --- i was wondering if its quality is worth it --- i mean could it tare easily fray --- things like that?

Hey, I recieved mine a couple of days ago and I'm really, really happy with it. It's so cool, I'm wearing it right now! I wore it to the mall, and when someone asked me where I got it, I told him about this site. Keep up the awesome work! =D

I love Naruto more than anything please put more stuff on And please put naruto on more.

Hi Poison Tipped Kunai, note that for items with Special Shipping, no Normal Shipping is charge. So the total shipping cost for this item is only $5.00.

Please refer to this page for more shipping information :


this is the first itme i've been to this site so is the $5 shipping for the special shipping or for regular shipping, and if it's for the special shipping only, how much is reagular shipping?

hi, the shipping usually takes up to 3 weeks. Thanks!

Okay, just wondering...I live in the state of Texas, about how many weeks will it take to receive my order?

It is engraved and fill with colour. Not printed.

OK, thanks for answering that. But I have another question: is the symbol engraved on the metal and filled in with color, or just printed? This is last question, I promise =P

Hi NeoPets Lover,

Yes, the sash is dark navy blue. It looks black because of the lighting when the photo was taken. Thanks!

Hello. I was wondering about ordering one of these, but is it really navy blue? (I guess you ran out of the lighter blue.) It looks black in the image. Reply ASAP, please, because I finally got enough money to buy this and I really want it.
Thank you.


We are really happy that you are interested in buying our anime items. However, we are not sure why you have problems using your mastercard gift card on Paypal. Perhaps you can send an email to Paypal directly as they are the gateway accepting your payment on our behalf.

This is the link to access their help:

We really apologize for causing you so much trouble and we really appreciate your patronage.

ummmm ru u sure this site accepts mastercard giftcards.... i tried over and over again... but it won't work

Hi Questions, ur item has been sent and the shipping usually takes up to 3 weeks depending on where you stay. Hope u get it soon! :)

I ordered one monday i hope it don`t take long


Hi Questions, yes it is definitely safe. We have numerous clients from worldwide including the USA who have received the goods and are satisfied. So rest assured!

Is 399animeshop a safe place to buy stuff? =D

Sorry heh

Hi Questions, the shipping usually take up to 3 weeks to reach. You can refer to the Shipping Charges page for more info here :

I don't really understand what you mean by "do they have any". If you mean the stocks, yes the item is available now.

Hope it helps. Thanks!

How long does the delivery take and do they even have any?

hi lisa ramos, it would be a good idea to check with your bank on the usage of ur card.


hi i just got a mastercard GIFTCARD as of today....i tried to order the naruto headband but the card came up as invalid card number. do i have to wait 24 hours to use or....

Just received mine and was pleasantly surprised. Fist of all, the headband weighs heavier than I expected. Then, the headband looks great with the headband protecter being real metal and I paid so little for it!

Hi guys! The konoha headband is restocked so get them while the stocks last :D

More might come up soon. But might be a different model. Stay tuned!

When will more be avaliable? Can't wait to get one :)

Not at the moment. Will try to restock these asap :)

hey any when this head band availble again