Naruto Frog Purse (Gamachan)

Naruto Frog Purse (Gamachan)

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Own this adorable frog purse replica which Naruto fondly calls “Gamachan”! For cosplaying as well as showing off to your friends! A great and rare addition to Naruto fans' collection with the words “Naruto's purse” printed in Japanese at the bottom of the purse!

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Naruto Uzumaki Biography (Naruto Shippuden)

- Naruto Uzumaki Bio by Tsunade

Name: Naruto Uzumaki
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: 10 October
Hidden Village: Leaf
Rank: Genin
Team: Sai, Haruno Sakura, Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Sasuke (Former)
Naruto has a senseless personality which contradicts to his once-in-a-blue-moon intelligence and talent as a ninja. The witty Naruto is always seen gobbling up bowls of ramen and carrying his favourite green frog wallet.

As he is aware of how people see him, he decided to take the ninja examination to prove to everyone how successful he can be, desiring for respect and approval. He dreams big of becoming the Hokage one day. However, everyone laughs at his idiocy. Reckless and clumsy, he takes everyone by surprise once in a while. Naruto has a crush on Haruno Sakura, whom thinks of Naruto as annoying and brainless.

Past Reviews

If they think purses are only for girls gamachan proves them wrong, boys can also use purses as long as they're gamachan.

My fiancé Qdogkun surprised me with Gamachan!!! I absolutely love it (: We are both big Naruto fans. Our Blue Heeler doggie is named after Kiba's best friend Akamaru! I carry all my change in him ^__^ he is with me 24/7 I think my Qkun's love in infused in Gamachan, always keeping me safe <3<3<3

I bought one of these and it's EPICCC!! I have it under my pillow every night :p I LOVE IT :DDD

I ordered this cute little froggy purse, and it came in 10 days, and in excellent condition! ^^ Thank you 399animeshop <3


My sister really wants one. I'll Probably get it for her.


Cant wait to get mine..
Kawaii desu ne!

This site is amazing. Thanks 399anime owners ^_^

this is a great place to get quality stuff! i love the naruto merchandise ans bleach both my fav

Hey mine came. It took only 12 days! well today i had to go to the post office and get it but still Its pretty cool. I live in the east coast of the USA.

man i love this shop i bought a anbu black ops mask,itachi uchiha's neckalace and im gunna get this too!!! its such a cool store!!!!!!!

super uber kawaii! This is perfect for cosplaying as Naruto and asking for ramen! dig through your purse at the Ichiraku >.<

yes mine finnaly came

its soooooooooooooo cool

it looks bigger in the picture

i love it thank you 399animeshop for shipping, im thinking about buying some keychains

WOOT! Gama-chan's so cute!

*Axes (Asks) parents for money*

*squeals* this is so kawaii! ^.^

*asks okaa-san for money*

hahahaha cool

i so want to get one of these they are so cool(>'_')>

HEY! This is UBER kawaii!!!! Like mega ^^ but anyway i plan to buy this soon....i hope >__> but ANYWAY im loving the merchandise here and its so hard to choose!!!! do you have any cosplay outfits (full) and/or Akatsuki rings?

also, this only took around 2 weeks, not three, to ship to the U.S. soooo... that's a good thing

I have this frog purse, i ordered it from here, and its soo cute! its great to have for any naruto fan, only if u want to use it as an actual coin purse, well its ok for that. i actually really stuffed so it with money so it is pretty good for that. its better for cosplaying though, but still this is an awesome item, no matter what u use it for. :D

was this made for girls and boys cause it says purse but naruto has one so whatever

how long does it take sent to california


Up to 3 working weeks.

How long it would take for it to be sent to Florida?

Hey! I thought that this was ADORABLE, so I ordered it! Can't wait until it comes =^_^=!

hi jonathan, we dun carry kisame's ring at the moment but maybe we will in the future so do check back regularly :D

I saw alot of cool naruto merch. but I couldn't find Kisame's ring, or any of the other Akatsuki Members rings,do you have them to sell by chance?

This is an awesome shop. I like the merchandise. Well, yeah, bye.