Naruto Akatsuki Hat (Cosplay)

Naruto Akatsuki Hat (Cosplay)

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The enigmatic Akatsuki gang wears their Japanese straw hats, half covering their faces to accentuate the mystery that cloaks them. You can now own this spectacular Akatsuki Hat and cosplay as Uchiha Itachi, Deidara or one of their likes!

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Description: Akatsuki, meaning “Dawn” or “Daybreak”, was originally an organisation founded by Yahiko, Konan and Nagato that fought against the domination and cruelty that their village Amegakure was facing during the Third Great Shinobi War. They yearned for world peace. However after Yahiko’s death, Obito Uchiha turned Akatsuki into a criminal organisation which includes S-rank missing-nin and the most wanted group of all in the Shinobi world. Akatsuki started to collect all the tailed beasts to reach their long-term goal of ruling the whole world.

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Past Reviews

how long are the white strips of fabric and the tassel?

What about the beads that hang down off the hat, would they alter how the hat sits on one's head or not? Would the size of a person's head change how it sits, like if some one had a small head would the hat be too big?

Hell: The hat is made of real straws, just like what you would expect. It is pretty sturdy, it should not spoil if you toss it around but it may if if you jump on it. :P

Wat is the hat made of and is it quite sturdy?