Mizukage Hat (Cosplay)

Mizukage Hat (Cosplay)

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The Mizukage hat is here in all its charms. Cosplay as Mei Terumi, the fifth Mizukage of the Hidden Mist Village. The distinctive diagonal square approximately 39cm on each 4 sides. The white curtain-like covers flowes down gracefully from the underside of the hat, covering your side and back. Authenticate your Mizukage Cosplay with this hat as you cosplay as the sensual Mizukage!

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Mei Terumi Biography (Naruto Shippuden)

- Mei Terumi Bio by Tsunade

Name: Mei Terumi Gender: Female Age: 30 Birthday: Unknown Hidden Village: Mist Rank: Kage Team: Daimyo Protection Squad – Chojuro, Raido Namiashi, Genma Shiranui Personality/Background: Mei is the 5th Mizukage and head ninja of the Hidden Mist Village. Though she looks intimidating and fierce, she is actually a jovial person. She cares for her own village and praises others. She would try to avoid clashes in any way possible. She is willing to hear others out, even if they seem to be an enemy. Just as her appearance might have brought suspicion to you, yes, she is a flirt. She loves to flirt with handsome guys. She commented on how handsome Sasuke is and how unfortunate that she has to kill him. She even offered to give him a kiss! Despite her beauty, she is still very sensitive when someone mentions her age and her non-existent love life. Well, I wouldn't blame her. Most women are as sensitive too.