Jiraiya Headband - Life size (Cosplay)

Jiraiya Headband – Life size (Cosplay)

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Feeling an affinity with the toads? This horned headband piece bearing the symbol of Mount Myoboku is the iconic headwear of the powerful yet lusty Shinobi Jiraiya! The 4 ‘screw’ details are embossed, and the kanji symbol engraved and painted in black on high quality resin. The back piece is lined with a cotton twill fabric, and can be tied at the back to make a powerful cosplay statement!

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Product Description

Measurements - Freesize Material - Resin - Cloth

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Jiraiya Biography (Naruto)

- Jiraiya Bio by Tsunade

Name: Jiraiya
Alias: Toad Sage Gender: Male
Age: 50~54
Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: Grey
Other Traits: Red lines from eyes to jaw

Jiraiya is renowned as a powerful shinobi, and one of the Sannin of Konohagakure who were trained by the Third Hokage. He has an affinity with toads, and his trademark toad summonings have earned him the title 'Toad Sage'. He has a fiercely loyal personality, both to his village and his friends. Jiraiya's comical trait came in the fact that he was (openly) perverted when it came to women. While rather strange and a show-off at times, Jiraiya's inner self seeks peace and hopes the next generation can be the instrument to that.