Itachi Headband

Itachi Headband

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This Itachi Headband has the slashed Konoha symbol emblazoned across the metal protector. This high-end headband looks authentically just like in the anime and is perfect for cosplaying as an Akatsuki member. The dark navy sash is 1 metre (39″) long and adjustable on any head size.

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Past Reviews

This headband is great glad I ordered it. The size is just right not so tiny like some they give you. Also for everyone acting like immature weaboos knock it off if you all love Naruto as much as you say you would be joinging together and being respectful I don't see that at all.

i just bought all the itachi stuff everything hes wearing i now have XD im so awesome i feel awesome i also just ordered naruto's necklace

hey idiot its sharingan get your facts right

UHCIHA ITACHI KICKS FREAKIN' --- !!!!! can't wait for the one i ordered to get to Australia!!!!

listen peeps i loves naruto more than all yall my all time favorite person is itachi im goin to get the ring,headband,cloakand neckalace peace.:3

Only One Word For This Headband...


why is everyone talking about how much they love sasuke on this page? IT'S FOR ITACHI!!! anyway, Obito Uchiha, you said you were a defender of all things Naruto, yet you don't know how to spell sharingan... also, the Hatake clan doesn't have sharingan. YOU CALL YOURSELF OBITO! HE'S THE ONE WHO GAVE UP HIS SHARINGAN FOR KAKASHI! looks like you need to set yourself straight before you critisize other people... but since i'm here... I LOVE THE AKATSUKI! Itachi is totally the better Uchiha. ^_^

i just bought 4 head bands 1 sand 1 sound 1 mist and 1 itachi these headbands are f-ing hot

Dude,that headband looks so cool im going to buy it.I like saskue the he is the best charter.p.s sharingan RULES!

i think that sasuke is soooooo hot. hinata is another cool character i can relate to alot.

To nareuto2001: Yes, this is real metal.

dude this is a real metal??

because all of the others headbands are wrote "(real metal)"

dude what happened to the Akatsuki cloak i was going to order it but when i got back to it was gone what the hell well please have them back on or email me later NARUTO AND ITACHI ARE SO HOT ^-^

Dude, Ino Yamanaka does not wear it on her arm! She wears it around her waist. Shikamaru Nara wears it on his arm though so get your facts straight whoever wrote that. No offense but I am a defender of all things Naruto related.

p.s. Naruto is the second lamest character in the whole show! It should be called Obito or at least Sasuke! Or Itachi. Oo oo and Kakashi! The Sharingon People! Uchiha and Hatake!

Omgomgomg so going to order this once I pay off my credit card! Itachi's headband/missing nin headband! How wicked!

i ordered it but it hasn't come in but i know it will because i ordered the small plastic kunai which sadly broke the first day i got it oh and my b-day is march3 it's coming up happy b-day to me

this headband is super COOL!!!!!!!!!