Hoshigaki Kisame Akatsuki Ring (Cosplay)

Hoshigaki Kisame Akatsuki Ring (Cosplay)

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Own this red version of Hoshigaki Kisame’s Akatsuki ring with the kanji word for “South”. A great accessory for cosplayers of the shark-faced Kisame and for all Akatsuki fans of the Naruto series!

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Hoshigaki Kisame Biography (Naruto Shippuden)

- Hoshigaki Kisame Bio by Tsunade

Name: Hoshigaki Kisame Gender: Male Age: 32 (Deceased) Birthday: 18th March Hidden Village: Mist Rank: Jounin Partner: Itachi Uchiha (Former), Madara Uchiha Personality/Background: Kisame has a sadistic hobby of slaying his opponents and what’s more, he loves it. However, due to his pairing with Itachi, he never got to finish his fights since Itachi always interferes with them. He tells his opponents how “lucky” they are since they are able to escape from his deadly moves. Kisame’s appearance is very similar to a shark’s. I bet he swims as well as they do too. I have a hunch Kisame dreamt of being a shark. Even though his shark-like appearance was not what he has wished for before, he even styled his hair to look like the sharp fins of a shark. How do you explain that? He definitely likes sharks.

Past Reviews

This is EXACTLY what i need to finish off my Kisame cosplay

get kakuzu stuff man i need for cosplay

Do you not have a sasori ring?