Nana Metal Finger Protector Ring

Nana Metal Finger Protector Ring

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- Air Mail: 2 days prep + 10 to 21 days delivery

This is the metal protector ring with the NANA Saturn symbol which Nana wears on her finger to clip her cigarette. Beautiful and exquisite, this is suitable for both males and females alike!

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Product Description

Ring size: US 12

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Past Reviews

It's my first time buying online, so i was very nervous, even if the site clearly stated it would've took 9 days.

Nevertheless it arrived today. It's actually fairly heavy, and you won't be able to close your fist if you wear it. But who cares? This ring is amazing and it looks good.

But be warned, if you care for this stuff: If you wear this for too long, your whole finger will smell like metal.
But i surely can't blame anyone for this :)

It took 9 days to reach me today, which is not bad. I have yet to wear it out, this is big on me and heavy, which is expected. Above all, the coolest ring I've ever had :)

I got this and it arrived very quickly! Item is good! Very shiny and metallic, the joints move very smoothly, quite heavy, looks very cool! I've gotten a lot of compliments :) Five stars!

ghaaa!! can't wait 2 get mine......

My [unknown] gave meh this ring, and I didn't know what to really say. Its beautiful, and it gets the student body envious. XD

omgosh i really love this ring!!!!! are you goin to restock soon cause if not im going to be screwed for my cosplay

I LOVE this ring! I have finally recieved it and actually am wearing it right now! Thank you thank you!! Now my cosplay is complete!! :D

according to my ring size chart its a size 8.

THIS RING IS AWESOME: it has shown me the path of life.. everyone must have one. CRAZY IS WHO CRAZY DOES...
it is not a curse. oh my garsh.

I just got the ring!!!! I'm so happy!!! Thanks a lot. The shipping wast fast and the ring is really great too!!!

does anyone know what size the ring is? like whats the width and will it fit on a guy's fingers?

is it suitable for male?
i tot vivienne ring are for female >_<

To Kenert: The ring is around 6cm long and it will curl around your finger.

ya what size is it in cm's and you said that it was made by Vivienne Westwood and that you can go to her website do you by any chance know her website (ex

how big is it in cm's?

Well I really want to buy the ring but I have 2 questions how long is it and how wide (to see if it will fit)

This ring is the coolest ring ever. When I first read the Nana manga, I instantly wanted to buy it. I didn't get it offline yet, but I am convincing my parents to buy it!

Oh my god, it so cool. Im so happy that you deliver it so fast. The ring fit for my hand and Im very happy.

I love this... Sure, it's a bit heavy, but I was expecting tha. It takes a while to get used to as well. Thank you for the speedy delivery!

Ooh, I'd love to have this! Are you guys restocking any time soon?

i bought and when i got it i was amazed, its sooo cool. it looks plasticy in the picture but in reall life its very metallic. It is by far my favorite ring, the only problum would occur if you had very large or small fingers but otherwise its perfect