My Hero Academia – Ochako Uraraka Figurine Ball Chain

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Ochako Uraraka is the main female protagonist of My Hero Academia. Unlike most of her peers, her primary reason for joining U.A. High and becoming a Hero, is to make money to help out her parents. Add to your anime collection this Ochako Uraraka in school uniform ball chain mini figurine which is one of the four My Hero Academia set featuring other characters such as Katsuki Bakugou, Izuku Midoriya and All Might. Collect them all!

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Product Description

Includes: - Ochako Uraraka Ball Chain Figurine Dimensions: - 1.75" x 1" x 1"

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Ochako Uraraka(My Hero Academia)

- Ochako Uraraka Bio by Tsunade

Name: Ochako Uraraka
Age: 15
Birthday: 27 December
Height: 156cm
Blood type: B
Gender: Female
Affiliation: U.A. High

Ochako Uraraka is one of the female protagonist of My Hero Academia. She is a 15-year-old student at U.A. High and she is one of the few born with a Quirk. Her Quirk's ability is the power to manipulate gravity which enables her to control objects' weight, as well as her own body to enable her to fly. However, too much usage of her Quirk usually makes her suffer from nausea, causing her to vomit. Appearance-wise, Ochako is a plain looking girl with average height, shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes. She typically wears her school uniform and for her hero costume, she dons a skin tight suit with detached sleeves, boots, helmet, collar and round bracers attached to them which serves as remedy to her Quirk's side effects.

Ochako made her first appearance in the Entrance Exam Arc where she made friends with main protagonist, Izuku Midoriya and the two helped each other our in the U.A. entrance exams with the hopes of becoming Heroes. Personality-wise, Ochako is lively and full of energy. She's usually overenthusiastic about things and easily gets excited over the smallest things.