My Hero Academia – All Might Figurine Ball Chain

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All Might is one of the most popular characters in the anime series, My Hero Academia. He is the no.1 ranked Hero, possessing the One For All Quirk which grants him superhuman powers. Our featured mini figurine is a ball chain of All Might in all his superhero glory. One of four of the My Hero Academia figurine set featuring other characters such as Katsuki Bakugou, Ochako Uraraka and Izuku Midoriya. Collect them all!

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Product Description

Includes: - All Might Ball Chain Figurine Dimensions: - 1.75" x 1" x 1"

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Toshinori Yagi(My Hero Academia)

- Toshinori Yagi Bio by Tsunade

Name: Toshinori Yagi
Alias: All Might
Birthday: 10 June
Height: 220cm
Blood type: A
Gender: Male
Affiliation: U.A. High

Toshinori Yagi, more commonly known as All Might, is one of the main characters, My Hero Academia. He is known as the no.1 ranked Hero and he teaches in the school for Heroes, U.A. High. Just like the main protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, All Might was born without a Quirk. Instead, he was given the 'All For One' Quirk by his teacher, years before the start of the main storyline. All Might first appeared in the Entrance Exam Arc where he saved Izuku from being attacked by a villain. He eventually took on Izuku after the 14-year old showed exceptional bravery despite the lack of natural talent.

Appearance-wise, All Might is an extremely tall and muscular man resembling traditional American comic heroes. His hero costume consists of a body suit in red white and blue with a pair of golden gloves and boots. In his normal Toshinori Yagi form, he is an extremely skinny man with long limbs and neck, a polar opposite of his hero self. Personality-wise, All Might is the traditional hero character, unselfish and is always optimistic. Ability-wise, he possesses the One For All Quirk which enables him to have superhuman strength, speed, reflexes and agility and his attacks are usually named after some of the states from the U.S.