Minecraft Diamond Sword Necklace

Minecraft Diamond Sword Necklace

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Minecraft is like, one of the most popular game in the world since 2009 and it's unwavering popularity is due to it's unquestionable 'fun' factor. Add this Diamond Sword keychain to your Minecraft collection if you haven't already!

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Product Description

- Diamond Sword keychain

- Metal Measurements:
- 2.25" x 1.25"

Additional Information

Weight 0.029 kg

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About Swords (Minecraft)

- Swords Information by Tsunade

Type: Weapons
Golden: 33
Wooden: 60
Stone: 132
Iron: 251
Diamond: 1562
Renewable: Yes
Stackable: No

In the Minecraft universe, swords are melee weapons and the main ingredients or tools in constructing a basic sword is usually by using any wood planks, cobblestone, gold ingot, iron ingot or diamond plus a stick. To increase it's durability, two damaged swords of the same build material must be combined together and the fusion will add another five percent to the sword's durability.

As for Mobs, certain monsters are able to spawn with a sword. Zombies are able to drop iron swords, it's pigmen brethren can drop golden swords and the wither skeleton drops stone swords. There's a catch in looting them from Mobs though; the swords will be usually enchanted and badly damaged already. As for trading, iron and diamond swords can possibly be bought from Weapon Smiths villagers using emeralds. If Mobs and trading are not your cup of tea, another way to acquire swords is through discovering chests of stronghold slab altars and/or village blacksmith places.

As for the sword's usage, pressing attack will increase the damage to both Players and Mobs at the cost of reducing the sword's durability. One way to destroy the sword is by attacking a boat or a minecart. As for defense, the player can block attacks holding use but it will only reduce the damage by 50% and slow down the player's movement.