Morgiana Cellphone Dust Plug

Morgiana Cellphone Dust Plug

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The quiet Morgiana is carved out in durable rubber on this dust plug! With her pink hair, she sure is a striking figure that adds a touch of fun to your mobile!

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Product Description

Measurements Width: 0.9" Height: 1.4" Depth: 0.3" Material - PVC

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Introduction to Morgiana (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic)

- Morgiana Bio by Tsunade

Name: Morgiana
Gender: Female
Age: 14~16
Hair Colour: Pink
Eye Colour: Pink

Morgiana's dark past still seems to haunt her to this day, when she was captured and sold as a slave in a market. During that period, she encountered a traumatic experience of being made to parade naked as she had her clothes stripped off her, and she cried out for the parents she was taken from. She was later sold to Jamil, a cowardly man who took pleasure in abusing the former, making her absolutely terrified of him. However, she later developed some sympathy for him, and she was so fearful of him and having him in her life that she was even afraid to let him die.

Morgiana is a Fanalis, a hunting tribe from the Dark Continent from which she inherited her pink hair and eyes, as well as her superhuman strength. She is quiet by nature and has a strong personality resulting from all she has gone through. However, this hides the true insecurity within as she considers herself useless and inferior.

She has very high respect for both Alibaba (who she secretly admires) and Aladdin, who had shown much kindness towards her. As such, she always wishes to help them in any way possible and is often obedient towards them.

Aside from her physical strength, enhanced speed and ability in martial arts, Morgiana also uses Echolocation (like the sonar system of bats) so she can sense her way in the dark. This skill was trained from her Battle Cry, which by screaming alone can scare off monsters. With her Fanalis genes, she also has enhanced senses like hearing and smelling, able to locate even a person. Her Household Vessel is the Amol Selseila (Flame Wings of Iron Chains), which comes in the form of her leg chains which she had on as a slave since they had been on her for a very long time. This Household Vessel is from Amon, Alibaba's Djinn. Her second Household Vessel was given to her by Alibaba, also from Amon. It comes in the form of a necklace and acts as a backup.