Ciel Phantomhive Earrings - Blue Gem

Ciel Phantomhive Earrings – Blue Gem

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If there’s one thing that makes Ciel Phantomhive look worthy of his noble descent (aside from Sebastian of cause), it’s his unyielding style. Assume this cool personality with the subtle addition of these silver earrings set with gems in Ciel’s trademark royal blue. Despite being small, the intricate detail proves an eye for fine items just like Ciel! Simple and wearable as daily accessories or to cosplay with one of Ciel Phantomhive’s elaborate outfits!

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Product Description

Width: 0.3"
Height: 0.3"

- Metal
- Plastic

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Ciel's Frightening Childhood (Black Butler)

- Ciel Phantomhive History by Tsunade

Born to the wealthy and renowned Phantomhive family, Ciel was a normal child and led a normal life until his tenth birthday. He was usually seen to be smiling and cheerful in spite of his weak constitution, as he suffered from asthma and had an allergy to cats. Ciel even had a playmate- his betrothed fiancee Elizabeth, who was also his cousin. With his parents still alive, the Phantomhive family was full of cheer and liveliness.

Ciel was cruelly shocked with the bodies of his dead parents and dog while stumbling upon them by accident as he wandered about the manor on his tenth birthday. He tries to get help, and finds Tanaka the elderly steward of the Phantomhive Household who tries to get Ciel to run away to safety; this came to naught as he was too attacked and Ciel, seized.

With his noble blood, Ciel is considered a rare 'product' worth more than two normal lives. He is bought and branded with the mark of his new owners as a 'noble beast'. In pain and discomfort, Ciel cries and wants to go home, but his owners only continue to treat him like an animal, chaining him to a cage as he is later used for a sacrifice in which he is stabbed, much to the perverse glee of his new 'owners'.

It is then that Sebastian is summoned to Ciel by the sheer will of his vengeance, offering the Faustian Contract to the latter. The owners try to silence Ciel, but he agrees to the contract and has the seal placed where he would have 'powers stronger than anyone else's'. The contract being made, Sebastian burns down the building and kills the attackers on Ciel's order. Ciel also makes Sebastian promise never to betray him or lie, and to always obey his orders.

Ciel immediately goes to the Royal Hospital after to look for his aunt Angelina Dalles who worked there. He finds a recuperating Tanaka, who returns to the ruined Phantomhive manor. He visits his parents' graves and later becomes the Earl of Phantomhive, also known as the Watchdog of the Queen.