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    Alois Trancy Ring

    $13.90 $9.99

    A free-sized ring inspired from the family ring worn by Alois Trancy of Kuroshituji 2 or Black Butler II. For cosplaying or collection.

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    Sebastian Michaelis Pocket Watch (Black)

    $21.00 $12.99

    Sebastian’s frequently used possession is now awesomely featured in this magnificent black pocket watch with Phantomhive Family crest. Be organized and time-sensitive as Ciel's bodyguard and demon butler when you get this limited edition pocket watch. Buy now!

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    Ciel Phantomhive’s Family Ring (Blue)

    $14.50 $9.99

    Become the successor of the Phantomhive Family with this sapphire blue heirloom ring. Currently owned by Ciel Phantomhive, it comes in ring size 8 and made of alloy. A great everyday accessory or to complete your Ciel cosplay!

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    Phantomhive Family Crest Brooch

    $18.90 $9.99

    Become part of the English noble clan, Phantomhive Family with this exquisitely detailed replica of its family crest. It scales approximately 3″x3.5″ and comes in a black glossy finish. A great way to start collecting Kuroshitsuji items! Buy now!

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    Ciel Phantomhive Cane With Skull – Black Butler (Cosplay)

    $105.00 $69.99

    A cane worthy of Ciel Phantomhive, this piece is a presence just on its own. Of a considerable weight standing at 34″ tall, this cane is topped with a silver skull embossed and painted with black detailing. A blue ribbon in the trademark blue circles the rod and ends off in a bow. Makes a fantastic keepsake for fans of the Kuroshitsuji series, or a sure head-turner for cosplayers needing a special accessory for Ciel!


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    Black Butler Agni Mini Figurine

    $12.90 $5.99

    Agni is the man! I mean, he’s Prince Soma’s man! Accompany chibi Agni is a little genie style lamp. Collect all Kuroshitsuji mini figurines while stocks last! Agni stands at approximately 5cm on this figure.

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    Ciel Phantomhive Ring (Golden)

    $13.90 $8.99

    Ciel Phantomhive, the 12-year-old successor of the English noble Phantomhive family, prominently wears this ring on his right thumb. Crafted elaborately with the Phantomhive’s crest, this gold plated ring has ring size 9.5 or 19.5mm. Buy one and show off your nobility!

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    Phantomhive Crest Keychain

    $9.90 $5.99

    Grab this dark silver mini Black Butler Phantomhive Crest Keychainfrom the Kuroshitsuji series. Featuring a 4cm by 2cm pendant of the Phantomhive crest, attached to quality polished silver key ring. Add a memento to your bunch of keys, with this memorabilia keychain from the Phantomhive family!

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    William T. Spears Mini Figurine

    $9.80 $3.99

    This Kuroshitsuji William T. Spears Mini Figurine features a miniature figure of the sharp looking supervisor from the Dispatch Management Division of the Shinigami in Kuroshitsuji. Spotted here in his short and neatly combed black hairdo, you can see his pair of striking green eyes and his distinctive classy glasses. Figurine measures at approximately 4cm on a black base, which is also included.

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    Baron Kelvin Ring (Black Butler Book of Circus)

    $15.00 $8.99

    Baron Kelvin is the twisted old man from Kuroshitsuji who had a strange fetish for children and the Phantomhives. Add to your Kuroshitsuji collection this golden ring of Baron Kelvin complete with intricate engraving, made with quality gold plated alloy metal.

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    Sebastian Michaelis White Gloves (with contract symbol)

    $18.90 $7.99

    These white gloves with the mysterious ‘contract symbol’ of the soul transaction between Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive is an awesome collectible for fans of Black Butler! The white cotton gloves measure up to 9″ in length and is standard free-sized to fit general hand sizes.

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    Black Butler Ciel Phantomhive Hat (Blue) Kuroshitsuji

    $48.90 $29.99

    Play the noble Ciel in this elegant hat of royal blue sateen. The brim is adorned with a blue and white striped ribbon and 2 blue roses, to match Ciel's hair! The english-style top hat design is symbolic of his prim image, and would go perfectly with a Victorian style coat in blue.

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    Phantomhive Crest Necklace

    $13.90 $12.99

    This dark silver mini Black Butler Phantomhive Crest Necklace features a 3cm by 2.5cm pendant of the Phantomhive crest, attached to a high quality long silver chain necklace. Ad this to your Black Butler or Kuroshitsuji's memorabilia collection.

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    Black Butler Sebastian’s Pocket Watch (Bronze)

    $17.00 $8.99

    Yes, My Lord! The signature contract seal between Sebastian and his lord, Ciel now comes in pocket watch form! As seen in the Kuroshitsuji series, the Faustian contract is a bargain and demon will be rewarded with the human's soul after the contract is complete. This real working watch with bronze detailing and cut out replicated the seal perfectly! Definitely a great item for fans of the series~

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    Ciel Phantomhive Earrings – Blue Gem

    $12.90 $10.99

    If there’s one thing that makes Ciel Phantomhive look worthy of his noble descent (aside from Sebastian of cause), it’s his unyielding style. Assume this cool personality with the subtle addition of these silver earrings set with gems in Ciel’s trademark royal blue. Despite being small, the intricate detail proves an eye for fine items just like Ciel! Simple and wearable as daily accessories or to cosplay with one of Ciel Phantomhive’s elaborate outfits!

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    Lau Mini Figurine

    $9.80 $5.99

    This Kuroshitsuji Lau Figurine features the easy-going and carefree Chinese nobleman who also happens to be a member of a mafia organization from where he came from. Dressed in his traditional oriental inspired clothes looking rather laid-back and happy. Figurine measures at not more than 4cm on a black base, which is also included. Collect all Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler mini figurines, while stocks last!

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    Black Butler – Sebastian Michaelis Contract Tattoo

    $8.90 $3.99

    Yes, My Lord! The signature contract seal between Sebastian and his lord, Ciel now comes in temporary tattoo! As seen in the Kuroshitsuji manga series, the Faustian contract is a bargain and demon will be rewarded with the human's soul after the contract is complete. This highly detailed 5cm by 5cm tattoo is true to the manga and is the perfect addition for your Sebastian's cosplay!

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    Kuroshitsuji – Lau Ball Chain

    $9.00 $3.99

    Lau is the enigmatic business partner of Ciel Phantomhive in the Kuroshitsuji series. Mild mannered and easy-going, he uses the Kong-Rong company as a front to sell opium. Add to your Kuroshitsuji collectibles this ball chain figurine of Lau, eyes closed and wearing his trademark Chinese clothing.

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    Black Butler Ciel Phantomhive Blue Ring Style Necklace

    $18.00 $12.99

    Add this Phantomhive family heirloom that has become a recognisable symbol of Ciel to your collection! Passed down from the ancestors of the family, this unique emerald-cut blue gem set in silver adorns Ciel's left thumb. Complete your everyday look with this iconic piece as a necklace, especially for those who are not used to having rings in their daily set of accessories!

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    Lau Keychain

    $5.80 $3.99

    Lau, the chinky-eyed Chinese noble and President of the British Branch of a Chinese trading company is handsomely featured in this 1.7″ keychain. Get this clever friend of Ciel accessorize your keys. Collect with other Kuroshitsuji items!

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    Kuroshitsuji Phantomhive Phonestrap

    $12.80 $5.99

    The Kuroshitsuji badge is identical to the Phantomhive noble family crest. Secured on your mobile phone, an accessory for proud fans and followers of Kuroshitsuji series! Comes with a silver chain. One Size fits all mobile phones.

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