Kuroko Tetsuya Friendship Ring Necklace (Kuroko No Basuke)

Kuroko Tetsuya Friendship Ring Necklace (Kuroko No Basuke)

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Get your hands on this silver necklace bearing a friendship ring! A simple design that makes it genderless, the ring engraved with 'Kuroko Tetsuya' can be worn alone or on the chain.

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Product Description

Diameter: 0.8"

- Metal

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Introduction to Tetsuya Kuroko (Kuroko's Basketball)

- Tetsuya Kuroko Bio by Tsunade

Name: Tetsuya Kuroko
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair colour: Light blue
Eye colour: Blue

The main protagonist of Kuroko's Basketball, Tetsuya Kuroko is an unexpectedly gloomy character that does not hit the spotlight immediately. With light blue hair that makes his pale skin seem even fairer, he has a kind of zoned-out expression most of the time and is pretty fragile for a basketball player. Specialising in misdirection and passes- something he excels in as he is fairy unnoticeable with his small build, he plays with the Seirin High basketball team.

Kuroko is a notably hardworking character, and has the goal to bring his team to the top of Japan. He treats basketball very importantly, and always tries to satisfy the team's needs. While he is mostly quiet, he gets very upset and rages when his team is threatened or injured by foul play. Even Kagami is surprised at his huge emotional jump, unaware that such a mild guy is capable of such anger. The advantageous part of this is Kuroko's fighting spirit grows with his anger, making him a tough opponent. On the other hand, he respects very passionate players and thinks that while seniors have pride, juniors have respect.

Being so aloof, Kuroko's character has another surprise for us; he is gentle with ladies and know exactly what to do or say to please them. His friends have been shocked to see him cheer Momoi up and know how to behave during a date. He has even lectured Kagami about treating ladies more gently.

Being so 'unnoticeable', Kuroko is the protagonist for creeping into our hearts in that similar unnoticeable way, much like the 'shadow' he nicknames himself as. Calm and level-headed, fiercely protective and passionate, Kuroko also has comical moments that gives our hearts a 'kyun' feeling, which is exactly how he makes his character so endearing!