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    —– CLEARANCE ITEM —– Kuroko’s Basketball – Yoshitaka Moriyama Mini Figure

    $8.90 $3.99

    Introducing Kaijo High's 3rd year shooting guard, Yoshitaka Moriyama from the series Kuroko's Basketball. This flirty yet a reliable senpai comes in a chibi form now! From Kuroko no Basuke Suwarasetai Sitting Collection Part 4, collect Moriyama with the rest of your Kuroko's Basketball merchandise!

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    Kuroko Tetsuya Friendship Ring Necklace (Kuroko No Basuke)

    $19.00 $16.99

    Get your hands on this silver necklace bearing a friendship ring! A simple design that makes it genderless, the ring engraved with 'Kuroko Tetsuya' can be worn alone or on the chain.

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    —– CLEARANCE ITEM —– Kuroko’s Basketball Mini Figurine Ball Chain

    $7.00 $3.99

    From Bandai's Kuroko No Basuke Gashapon series comes the mini figurines of Kiyoshi Miyagi from Shutoku, Yoshitaka Moriyama from Kaijo and Ryo Sakurai from Touou. These basketball players are featured adorably hung from the top of their jersey. A ball chain is attached to every figurine.

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    *Ryo Sakurai is now sold out. Grab the rest before they’re gone too!

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