Roxas Checkered Wristband

Roxas Checkered Wristband

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Cosplay as Kingdom Hearts Roxas or wear this as a fashion statement! The black-and-white checkerboard pattern is featured on this wristband which Roxas typically wears on his left wrist in the Kingdom Hearts game. Approximately measuring at 9.6cm by 6.4cm and adjustable with a velcro.

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Roxas Biography (Kingdom Hearts)

- Roxas Bio by Tsunade

Name: Roxas
Gender: Male
Title: The Key of Destiny
Weapon: Keyblade
Attribute: Light

"What are you talking about? I am me! Nobody else!" - Roxas

Roxas is the Nobody of Sora. Unlike most Nobodies, Roxas possesses real emotions. Though he is very similar to Sora, there are some differences between them. Roxas is less rash in decisions compared to Sora, but quick-tempered. Roxas has a dark personality where his actions are move aggressive.

He is arrogant and overconfident on the battle field. His bite is stronger than his bark and isn't afraid to speak his mind. Roxas is one rebel that just wouldn't listen. He hates to be told what to do and relies on nobody but himself. One similarity between Sora and Roxas is their impatience for anything that makes no sense to them.