Lexaeus Skysplitter Keychain

Lexaeus Skysplitter Keychain

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Fans of Kingdom Hearts' Lexaeus will be delighted with this chromed silver with red lining keychain of Lexaeus's Weapon Skysplitter. Lexaeus, a born warrior most notable for his powerful attacks and a massive over-sized Skysplitter Axe Sword. providing him the ability to control earth even inducing earthquakes! Keychain measures at approximately 10.5cm in length attached to a snap-on key hook. Grab it now!

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Lexaeus Biography (Kingdom Hearts)

- Lexaeus Bio by Tsunade

Name: Lexaeus
Gender: Male
Title: The Silent Hero
Weapon: Axe Sword
Attribute: Earth

"I, Lexaeus, will not yield to the frail heart of an infantile coward!" - Lexaeus

This guy is a mysterious character as not much is known about him. He is an intelligent and a straight-to-the-point kind of person. He is usually quiet and only speaks when needed to, thus his title as "The Silent Hero". Laxaeus is probably the most powerful and strongest member of the Organization because of his extremely heavy tomahawk which weighs a ton to others, but light as a feather to him.

He is very loyal to Zexion and is called as Zexion's henchman for he does whatever he is commanded to without any questions. Laxaeus is not one you want to be joking with. If he laughs and hits you on the back, you might be knocked into critical health. That's how strong he is.