Kingdom Hearts – Sora Master Form Gloves (Yellow)

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Instantly recognizable as one of the popular video game characters around, Sora of the Kingdom Hearts series, charmed his way into the hearts of the players as being one of the greatest main protagonists around. Complete your Sora cosplay with these pair of yellow gloves worn by the Keyblade master in his yellow variation costume.

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Product Description

- Sora Master Form glove(1 pair)

- 6" x 5"

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Sora(Kingdom Hearts)

- Sora Bio by Tsunade

Name: Sora

Sora is the main protagonist of the extremely popular video game, Kingdom Hearts. He was first introduced in the 2002 Playstation 2 game titled 'Kingdom Hearts' where he is portrayed as cheerful, easy-going teenager who is from the Destiny Islands. Appearance-wise, Sora is always portrayed as a teenager with slender build. His most prominent feature is his spiky brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a kind of hip-hop attire that varies throughout his different character appearances.

Personality-wise, Sora embodies the traditional protagonist characteristic; he is brave, heroic and is extremely loyal to his friends. The one thing he treasures the most is his friends. He was even quoted saying, 'I don't need a weapon! My friends are my power!', a bold testament to his loyalty. At his young age, Sora also has the tendency to act a little childish and has the competitive fire in him to challenge those who are stronger than him. As the series progressed, he is more mature and his powers grew even stronger.

His main source of strength is his ability to wield the Keyblade; magical weapons to vanquish the Heartless and other beings from the Darkness. The Keyblade chose Sora because of his pure-heartedness and he eventually mastered the weapon over a short span of time. On top of the Keyblade, he can also use magic and combined attacks with his allies, making him a formidable foe.