Kingdom Hearts – Keyblade Set (Rainbow Version)

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Keyblades are the most distinguishable item in the Kingdom Hearts video games series. Wielded by the main protagonist Sora, as well as other major characters, it serves as the franchise's icon along with Sora and the Disney gang. Our featured items are the different Keyblade variations from the Kingdom Hearts I & II series. Included are the Kingdom Key, Oathkeeper, Divine Rose, and many more. Definitely a must have for any Kingdom Hearts fan!

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Product Description

- Crab Claw keyblade
- Divine Rose keyblade
- Spellbinder keyblade
- Oathkeeper keyblade
- Olympia keyblade
- Fairy Harp keyblade
- Kingdom Key keyblade
- Three Wishes keyblade
- X-Blade keyblade

- 4" x 1.8"

- Metal

Additional Information

Weight 1.59 kg

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Keyblade(Kingdom Hearts)

- Keyblade Information by Tsunade

Name: Keyblade
Users: Sora, Riku

Keyblades are the powerful and mysterious weapons featured Square-Enix's popular video game series, Kingdom Hearts. It's most noticeable user is the main protagonist, Sora. The weapons are mainly the main focus in the battle of Light against Darkness. In the first Kingdom Hearts game, the worlds started to disappear, making King Mickey realise that Kingdom Hearts was opening. Mickey then decided to find the Kingdom Key so he could seal its doors. To do that, he would need to find another Keyblade user and thus, after a series of incidents, they found a worthy user named Sora.

Appearance-wise, all Keyblades have the same features; they are all modelled after a key. They have a guard and a hilt and at the end of the shaft, there is a head that varies from Keyblade to Keyblade. Each of the different Keyblades have a unique animation when summoned which is symbolic to it's owner. The Keyblade chooses it's owner; not anyone can wield it and the main factor is that the user has to have a strong heart.

Powers and abilities-wise, the Keyblades are used in combat just like normal swords. However, a Keyblade has no cutting edge, they are extremely effective against Dream Eaters, Unversed, Nobodies and the Heartless. The downside to owning a Keyblade is that the bad guys use the Keyblade as a homing beacon to track it's user, making it somewhat of a burden as the owner is prone to attacks at any time.

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