Original Vongola Sky Ring with Necklace

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The Original Sky Vongola Ring is main protagonist, Tsuna's weapon of choice. It has the colours of all the other Vongola Rings and only the Original Rings are capable of releasing the true power of the rings. Enjoy this intricately designed ring replica around your neck or on your finger.

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Product Description

- Vongola ring

- Chain Material:
- Metal Measurements:
- 1" diameter

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About the Vongola Rings(Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

- Vongola Rings Information by Tsunade

The Vongola Rings are extraordinary weapons worn by the current Vongola Guardians such as main protagonist, Tsunayoshi Sawada, after the Vongola Famiglia has chosen a new successor. The Vongola Rings, along with the Mare Rings and Arcobaleno Pacifiers are the components that make up the Tri-ni-set, extremely powerful three sets of Rings that was said to have created the Earth itself. The importance of the Rings was further emphasized during the Future Arc where the Vongola, along with other Rings are known to utilize the Dying Will Flame, regarded as the symbol of the Mafia world.

The origin of the name 'Vongola' was derived from the Italian word with a literal translation, 'Clam', where as Arcobaleno and Mare are also from the Italian language with the literal translation of 'Rainbow' and 'Sea' respectively. According to a poem that stated 'the Clam passes down its form from generation to generation', this could be the main reason why there are striking similarities between the Primo Guardians of the Vongola and the 10th Vongola Guardians, making Tsuna and his guardians true heirs of the Vongola Rings. It was revealed that the current form of the Vongola Rings was temporary and it was significantly reduced to allow the true successors to claim the Rings' powers.