K Project – Yashiro Isana Mini Figurine with Ballchain

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Yashiro Isana is the main protagonist of K Project and is the leader of the White Rice Party. Add to your K Project collection this mini ball chain figurine featuring the Silver King. One of the five Takara Tomy Arts K Project Set featuring other characters such as Saruhiko Fushimi, Misaki Yata, Kuroh Yatogami and Nagare Hisui. Collect them all!

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Product Description

- Yashiro Isana Mini Figurine with Ballchain

- 1.5" x 0.75"

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Yashiro Isana(K Project)

- Yashiro Isana Bio by Tsunade

Name: Yashiro Isana
Age: 17
Birthday: 1 June
Height: 169cm
Blood type: B+
Gender: Male

Yashiro Isana is the main protagonist of the K Project series. He is formerly known as Adolf K. Weismann. As Adolf, he was the First and Silver King and was a known researcher of the mysterious Dresden Slate. Since being ejected from his original body by the Colorless King, he inhabited the body of a Japanese male teenager and has totally forgotten the memories he had as Adolk K. Weismann. As Yashiro Isana, he is a teenager of average height with a white messy hair and amber eyes. He often wears his navy blue school uniform composing of a white long-sleeved shirt and a high collared black jacket.

As Weismann, his personality is that of an optimist. He was always hopeful about his research and he believes he and his sister's work would bring joy to the rest of the world. He is quite friendly to people and opposed the war that was happening at his time. His personality as Yashiro did not change much. He was still charismatic and is able to get along with everybody. Ability-wise, he is immortal and is an expert strategist. He also possesses the Silver Aura - the power to manipulate gravity, making him one of the strongest characters in the series.